The price that a infant turtle can vary greatly. Expect come pay in between a price range of $10 and also $100 depending upon the turtle species. There are also some exotic turtle varieties that deserve to cost in between $250 and $500.

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Baby turtles have the right to be fairly inexpensive in compare to other pets choose kittens and also puppies. However, castle require constant and devoted care throughout their lives.

Quick note: A turtle much less than 6 months of period is considered a baby turtle. Generally, turtle between 6 months and also 2 years of period are considered juvenile turtles.

Price the different types of infant turtles

The price of baby turtles can fluctuate widely depending on numerous factors. These components include the availability, turtle species, or tortoise age.

Below room the usual prices for few of the most popular baby turtle species:

Turtle speciesBaby turtle average price
Red-Eared Slider$10 to $15
Eastern Painted Turtles$25 to $30
Western Painted Turtle$15 come $25
African Side-Neck Turtle$30 come $40
Russian Tortoise$70 come $80
Twist Neck Turtle$80 to $100
Ornate crate Turtle$70 to $80
Belize Slider Turtle$50 come $75
Common Musk Turtle$20 come $25
Russian Tortoise$70 come $80
Indian Star Tortoise$500 to $600

The expense of a infant turtle likewise depends on where you buy the from. Listed below are the expenses at some of the most famous pet stores. Together you can see from the chart above, the many expensive baby turtle is the Belize Slider. The most expensive turtle is the Indian Star Tortoise.

If you plan on buying a baby turtle, girlfriend should inspect out my post on just how to take treatment of a infant turtle.

Best accessories for baby turtles

Aside indigenous the price of the tortoise itself, girlfriend will additionally have to salary for accessories for the tank. Below are part cool turtle tank accessories.

Turtles Dock for baby Turtles ($13.99)


What execute you need to buy because that a infant turtle?

The complete one-time initial expense is often overlooked once determining a infant turtle’s true property cost. Turtles need a committed enclosure whereby temperature, humidity, water quailty, and also lighting should be maintained.

When calculating your as whole budget and the initial expense of owning a baby turtle, make sure you account for the price of these items as well:

A ramp into and also out of the water because that aquatic turtlesTurtle tank filter systemThermostatCeramic warmth lamp & desk lamp fixtureTurtle foodFirst vet check-up

It is important to be well-prepared before bringing home a turtle. The initial expense of having a turtle can range from $500 come $1500. Many of the time, the many expensive accessory is the tortoise tank, which can price anywhere between $200 and $1,000. Every little thing tank you select for her baby turtle, make certain it will be able to accommodate her turtle as soon as it get its adult size.

How much are baby turtles at PetSmart?

Baby turtles tend to it is in a bit more expensive in ~ Petsmart contrasted to various other places. For example, at PetSmart a Red-Eared Slider costs $24.99, and also a Painted Turtle expenses $30. If this is a bit on the pricier end, PetSmart typically sells quality, healthy and balanced turtles.

How lot are infant turtles in ~ Petco?

Petco is a tiny cheaper than PetSmart. Although they have less range in regards to species, Petco sell Red-Eared Sliders for $19.99. That is vital to note that both PetSmart and also Petco only sell live turtle in store. This means you can not buy them online. Additionally, some species of turtles can only be available during specific times of the year.

Choosing a infant turtle: an essential Takeaways

It is always important to do your research before you purchase a baby turtle. You need to budget for ongoing prices apart from the early stage price. Prior to your small friend comes residence with you, you have to keep these things in mind:

Always execute your research and buy infant turtles indigenous a reliable shop or virtual website.Turtles space low-maintenance pets and are not difficult to own on a budget.The renowned turtle breeders and shops have tendency to it is in on the upper finish of the price spectrum.Unfortunately, not all tortoise shops sell healthy and balanced turtles. Look the end for any signs of bad health favor swelling or poor shell conditions.Reptiles usually tend to hide their condition until they are really sick. Look the end for any type of unusual symptoms.Turtles are basic pets and also don’t need a the majority of things to save them entertained.Once you gain the early items for owning a turtle, the becomes an extremely easy and also cheap to treatment for the turtle.Unlike other pets, tortoise don’t require vaccinations, dentist care, or consistent medical treatments. As long as you take good care of infant turtles, they generally will not require plenty of vet visits.


Baby turtles are fun to be around and also are worth each penny. They space charming reptiles the make great pets because that families. Whatever you invest in this lover bundle of joy is worth her effort and money. ~ you salary for all the crucial accessories, the only think you will need to continue to buy is turtle food.

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I purchase my tortoise food in bulk, and also therefore spend less than $100 a year to feeding my Red-Eared Slider.

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