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just can"t it seems to be ~ to figure this out.

I must aquire a function for this scenario. I have actually tried to look at smaller develops of the problem. My trouble is ns am struggling to gain the # that possibilities. So much I have 1:1 2:1 3:3 4:3 5:12 6:15 exactly how do ns proceed?


Here"s exactly how you technique this kind of problem when you are stuck: you look for an easier problem of the very same sort, and also solve the instead, and also see if you find out anything the might help you through the genuine problem.

For example, how many ways space there to divide 2 civilization into teams of 2? Obviously just 1 way. That wasn"t much help.

So try a more tough one. How plenty of ways are there to divide 4 world into teams of 2? say the civilization are A, B, C, D. A must be matched through someone, and there room 3 people she can be suitable with. Climate the 2 unmatched people must be matched to each other, therefore the prize is 3.

Now how many ways are there to division 6 world into groups of 2? Again A have to be matched with someone, and there are 5 human being she could be suitable with, and then you room left v 4 people, and we understand from the previous paragraph that 4 human being can be matched in 3 ways, so the price is $5\cdot3 = 15$.

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Now you try it native there.

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