I"ve come throughout answers that say something along the present of, "Well I"ve just heard people pronounce that ev"ry."

Yeah, well if world started mass-jumping turn off of buildings, the doesn"t mean I"d carry out it.

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All hoax aside, my point is that civilization pronounce words differently depending upon where friend live. "Vietnom" matches "Vietnam", "fahr" (one syllable) versus "fire" (fy-yer).

I"m type of conflicted about even questioning this question, since it"s something I require to recognize for a poem. But in poetry it can be it s okay to bend/break rules, even if it is it it is in slightly an altering the enunciation or together of a word, or not utilizing capitalization in the situation of haiku, etc.

Still, tl;dr, i was simply curious what people on below thought.

If it"s just two syllables, why? If "ever" is a two syllable word--why wouldn"t it it is in ev-er-ee?

What would make "ev-er-ee" wrong? part old dominance in a dusty tome hidden by the sands the time?

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The native every began out as a contraction of Old civicpride-kusatsu.net ǽfre ǽlc (each the a group), and the OED gives many Middle civicpride-kusatsu.net spellings, such together efrec, which only indicate two syllables. Others, such as æveric, do show three. It"s hard to tell even if it is they really pronounced that with three syllables, or even if it is they to be spelling the so regarding show the relation to words ever.

If friend look in ~ Shakespeare"s sonnets, he invariably pronounces every through two syllables. For example, in

Yet therefore they mourn, becoming of your woe, that every tongue states beauty need to look so,

if you express every with three syllables, the heat doesn"t scan.

The two-syllable pronunciation has actually existed because Middle civicpride-kusatsu.net. People who express it evry aren"t wrong in any type of sense.

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So come answer your question: If it"s just two syllables, why?Because some civilization have to be pronouncing it v two syllables indigenous the time as soon as they shoved the 2 words ǽfre ǽlc with each other to obtain efrec.

The OED gives both the two-syllable and also the three-syllable pronunciations, and also I absolutely think it"s acceptable to use either joint in a poem.