Have you ever thought about how your hubs and also spokes influence the top quality of your bike ride? If girlfriend haven’t possibly it is precious considering. Wheel spokes are critical part that the wheel, girlfriend can’t overlook its role.

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We have built a guide around why we have chosen details hubs and spoke counts because that the plenty of different facets of cycling. You will certainly know:

Do not are afraid though we have actually not loaded the article with jargon. We will certainly tell you whatever in level English through no marketing spin. What we say about our very own carbon fiber wheels can be taken and used come compare versus other brand"s wheels.

We have broken this post down into riding layouts making it easy for friend to uncover the section that relates come your daily riding but the short article reads finest as a whole.


The whole civilization may have gone disc brake crazy, however there are still many of us that prefer an excellent old rim brakes. Our rim brake wheels are particularly designed to help work in conjunction with rim brakes.

If you are a road cyclist with rim brakes, your number one target will much more than likely be speed. Going quick is after all what road biking is all about. One of the finest ways to help you go fast is to build an incredibly light collection of wheels.


One of the easiest ways to mitigate weight top top a set of wheels is to lower the speak count. As soon as you lower the speak count, you will be removing product that has actually a mass. The much more you remove of this spokes, the lighter her wheels will certainly be.

It is pretty apparent when you see it written out prefer that, isn"t it?

There is an worry though, and that is you still require the wheel to have the ability to support weight and also to carry your power. You need to discover a balancing allude between lightweight and also strength. You have to design your rims, hubs correctly, and also spokes to work-related together to balance these ideals.

That is why our road bike wheels often tend to feature 20 spokes top top the front and 24 spokes on the rear. We use an ext spokes top top the rear together the wheel has to be able to cope v the talk you space providing. Us don’t want the behind wheel flexing once you rubber stamp on your pedals.


You will find the 20/24 spoking sample on wheel such as our Fast and also Light series. Ours wheels function a selection of hubs that occupational well with our rims in the 20/24 pattern you can select from our conventional hub the R13, a directly pull Novatec hub 511/522SB, or top top 2:1 speak hubs our own R51 hub. We will certainly be talking around 2:1 spokes in a forthcoming spokes write-up so be certain to check earlier for that.

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We now need to tell you about our Aero series wheels. Our Aero selection took wherein our Fast and also Light series went and also made the wheels lighter, about 100g per wheelset due to the fact that you asked. One of the methods we controlled to achieve that remained in a redesign of our front hub.