When you are thinking around buying a bigger & largest memory card for your need, to speak 256GB. You might probably think the how countless photos or photos will this card host on it? If friend love to clock a many movies downloading and install on your mobile phone, you could think around how many videos or movies I deserve to store on this 256GB card. If you love to hear to songs, you could be thinking about how plenty of audio records or MP3 song I have the right to store ~ above this 256GB memory card.

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Here in this article, we will certainly be comment all her questions about 256GB Storage volume & how countless audios, videos or Photos choose media records it deserve to hold ~ above it.

There room so plenty of memory map brands accessible in the market, from where you deserve to purchase 128GB storage cards online. Few of the popular brands include Sandisk, Sony, Strontium, Toshiba, Samsung, Transcend and plenty of more. Friend can also search and also compare storage cards digital from here.

How lot Data can the 256GB MicroSD Hold?

A 256GB storage card have the right to store a most data counts on your needs. Usually, 64GB or 128GB storage cards are sufficient for anyone. But still, if friend need much more storage, friend should examine out listed below details before you upgrade your memory card dimension with 256GB memory cards.


How plenty of Photos & Pictures have the right to 256GB Hold?

Most of the DSLRs or Smartphones space able to capture photos in JPG or JPEG file format. A digital camera is able come shoot photos together a raw file. Usually, RAW records are enlarge sized papers while JPEG records consume a less space than life images. Also, many different size & top quality of pictures have the right to be stored however it entirely depends ~ above what form of camera/mobile phones that are being supplied to shoot photos.

Usually, most of the tiny cameras are able to take an median of 3MB the the size of Photo, if cellphone camera is may be to capture 2-3MB of the typical size of pictures. If us talk about DSLR cameras, the typical size that RAW layout images can be increase to 12-15 MB.

Before we define details, we would like to educate you that, listed below table info are an estimate. You can expect her 256GB card deserve to store pictures around it or less or more that depends on so plenty of external factors.

MP = 1,000,000 pixels1MB = 1,000,000 bytes, 1GB = 1,000MBTIFF image has 24-bit shade depth, one of 16,777,216 colors every pixelJPEG 100% quality = Visually lossless JPEG compression v 1:10 proportion of life image. This information has actually been taken indigenous sandisk.com

How many JPEG Compressed Photos can 256GB Hold?

Camera MegapixelsFile size (MB)Number of Photos
4 MP1.2 MB183100
5 MP1.5 MB146482
6 MP1.8 MB122000
7 MP2.1 MB104000
8 MP2.4 MB91500
10 MP3.0 MB73200
12 MP3.6 MB61000
14 MP4.2 MB52000
16 MP4.8 MB45000
22 MP6.6 MB33000

How countless Uncompressed raw Photos deserve to 256GB Hold?

We all know that RAW documents are uncompressed and also it spend a lot of of an are than compressed photos. That has much more size due to the fact that it has a lot of details, colors, right into it. Below is an idea of how countless RAW pictures can be save in her 256GB storage card.

Camera MegapixelsFile dimension (MB)Number that Photos
4 MP12.0 MB18310
5 MP15.0 MB14648
6 MP18.0 MB12200
7 MP21.0 MB10400
8 MP24.0 MB9150
10 MP30.0 MB7320
12 MP36.0 MB6100
14 MP42.0 MB5200
16 MP48.0 MB4500
22 MP66.0 MB3300

So this to be all about how numerous pictures have the right to 256GB host on it.

How countless Videos or Movies have the right to 256GB Hold?

If you are a fan of watching movies or recording videos on your memory cards, you require a lot an ext space. Together movies are practically bigger in size than photos. Check out listed below table to obtain an idea of How many hours that videos or movies deserve to 256GB hold?

Video ResolutionHours of Videos have the right to 32GB Hold
HD video (720p resolution)48 Hours
HD video (1080p resolution)42 hours
4K video (30fps)10 hours 35 Mins

Video resolution and also frames per 2nd play an essential role in video clip details, but over are an calculation to help you in gaining an idea the how countless hours that videos you have the right to store on your 256GB memory card or other storage tools like SSD, outside Hard drive or any type of other devices.

How many Audios or MP3 can 256GB Hold?

256GB is a lot of storage the you have even think of, together you room able come store lots of MP3 songs right into it. If you space fond of listening to music or audio papers on her device, you can be in search of how numerous audio papers or MP3 songs you can have the ability to store ~ above 256GB memory cards.

So How plenty of Songs have the right to Fit top top 256 GB?

Here is the simple calculation to offer you an approximated idea, how countless songs you deserve to expect that on your 256GB card. But before that, you have to note that there are so numerous factors prefer the song’s length, it’s bitrate like 256Kbps, 128Kbps influence the warehouse size.

If we take into consideration 4-5 minutes of the tune as a 4-5MB, you deserve to store approx 64000 to 51000 MP3 songs right into the 256GB memory card. Girlfriend can additionally refer below chart come get an ext approx values.

The calculation us did is 256GB = 256000 MB approx. Us have separated those MB through the mean song’s size in MB to gain those values.

Song"s SizeHow countless Songs
4 MB64000
5 MB51200
6 MB42667
7 MB36572
8 MB32000

How many Songs have the right to 256GB Memory map Hold?

Likewise, you deserve to calculate the from your end, girlfriend can even calculate how plenty of albums you deserve to store together an typical album contains 12-15 songs. Carry out your match and also calculate it accordingly.

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We expect this short article on how numerous songs, videos or MP3 songs you have the right to store ~ above the 256GB size of memory card has provided a many value. If girlfriend have any type of suggestions or questions about this topic, feel complimentary to share her thoughts in the comments ar below.

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