France has countless delicacies such as macarons, ratatouille, and also frogs legs. But what about eating snails in France? i discovered numerous years ago (the difficult way) that no all snails room alike. Lock come in countless various forms and are offered in various ways. So that you recognize what you’re gaining yourself into, right here are a few anecdotes.

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Eating Snails In France

The French word because that “snail” is “escargot”. No all snails room edible and it is the floor snail that is most often eaten. For this reason do civilization eat snails? five ya…and a ton of them.

I read somewhere that over 500 million snails are consumed in France every year. Lock are renowned hors d’oeuvres for sure. Why do world even eat snails? It likely goes earlier to ancient times once animals listed protein and also snails were straightforward to catch. V time, castle have end up being a delicacy and also are often component of a bigger dish.

Just be certain you bespeak the best snails in France. In addition to the classic escargot in garlic butter, there is likewise the bulot, and cargolade.

Traditional offer Of Snails In Garlic Butter

Cargolades in Collioure

Cargolades space a specialty of this southern area the France. Collioure is very close to the Spanish border and also the key in the area are strongly affected by the Catalan culture. Cargolades room French snails again. These are grilled in their shells on actors iron and also when girlfriend order a dish, you get about 25 of them!

Once again, castle were doing not have the garlic butter however on the side to be aioli. They to be a different experience again. However, I’ve decided (as you deserve to tell native my disappointment in dishes lacking garlic butter) that I prefer the classic escargot.

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Snails In Paris

Every time ns in France, i make the initiative to have actually escargots. In Paris, over there is a restaurant that ns still desire to visit. It specialization in this French delicacy and also gets terrific reviews. You deserve to order the traditional Burgundy Escargots—6, 12, or 36 snails in garlic butter—or among their distinct dishes (ie. 36 snails offered three ways-with garlic, curry, and roquefort).

“L’Escargot Montorgueil” -38 rue Montorgueil, located just north that Les Halles in the 1st arrondissement.

Can You do Your very own With Garden Snails?

By the way, if you’re wonder if you might just usage those snails you uncover in your garden to make your very own “snails in garlic butter”, I’d indicate you make sure they’re for sure to eat. Remember, only some soil snails are offered in cooking!

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