Entertaining can be difficult enough there is no worrying about whether you will do it have enough food top top hand to feed everyone. Once it involves ribs, the problem can get even trickier. You in luck, though—there room guidelines to aid you ensure the your guests won’t go home hungry. Check out on if you wondering simply how many ribs to cook per person.

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Preliminary Questions

The key to great planning is come ask yourself plenty of questions in advance. As soon as it pertains to deciding how countless ribs to cook per person, these space the questions you’ll want to ask:

How many side bowl am i planning to serve, and also what space they?

Plan your whole menu in advance to develop the correct parameters. Together a preeminence of thumb, the an ext side dishes girlfriend have, the less meat you’ll need to provide per person.

Also be affected by each other in mental that not all political parties are created equal. Hefty sides, such together potato salad and also macaroni and also cheese, will certainly fill guest up quicker than environment-friendly salad and also cole slaw.

Will dessert be detailed afterward?

Similarly, remember the guests will desire to conserve some room for every little thing sweet treats you’re supplying up. Think about scaling earlier on the quantity of meat per human being if she planning on serving a particularly rich dessert.

Are ribs the only meat on offer?

In addition to offering guests with much more choices, adding chicken wing or beef brisket come the menu will take some of the pressure off the obstacle supply.

Who have actually you invited, and also are friend acquainted with their eating habits?

Don’t forget to take it the demographics the the party right into account. Your Frisbee golf partner is probably going come consume an ext meat than your elderly aunt. Also, be affected by each other in mind that youngsters under the age of 13 will probably consume about fifty percent as lot as get an impression adults.

What time of job is the gathering?

Will her barbecue take location at lunch or in the evening? world will commonly consume much more food if the party is held throughout the dinner hour. Also, how long room you expecting the party to last? If the guests will certainly be hanging around for hours, they’ll probably make more than one happen at the buffet table.

Will alcohol it is in served?

The more people drink, the likelier they room to overeat. Arrangement on boosting your meal ready by 15 to 20 percent if friend think it will be a wild party.

How many Ribs To cook Per Person: The Basics

Once you’ve figured out the full menu, the time to determine how numerous racks of ribs per human being you’ll need.

You’re probably familiar with the standard preeminence of 1/2 pound of meat per person. For obvious reasons, the doesn’t apply to bone-in meats choose ribs. In general, you have the right to expect a pound of ribs come yield around 1 to 1-1/2 servings. When this is helpful information, it should only it is in one aspect in her decision.

If she serving number of side dishes to add dessert, three or 4 ribs every adult must be sufficient. Due to the fact that a typical full rack will have actually 11 to 13 individual ribs top top it, this way that friend should arrangement on buying four racks for a party the 10 people. This will offer you a tiny bit the wiggle room for guests with bigger appetites.

On the other hand, if ribs are the key attraction and you have actually lighter next dishes planned, you deserve to go a little bit higher. In this cases, arrangement on about a half-rack (six or 7 ribs) per person.

Note: nothing forget the baby back ribs are smaller sized than spare ribs. Arrangement on at least a half-rack per person when baby back ribs room on the menu, even if you have plenty that filling sides to go v them. If you’re having actually a hard time deciding which sort to serve, here’s a video tutorial to aid you understand the difference.

Tips On throw a effective Gathering

These pointers will assist to for sure that every little thing goes smoothly once you’ve traction those succulent, meaty rib racks turn off the grill.

Set out the food ~ above a lengthy table, buffet-style. Kinds the side dishes and any second meats choose chicken wings at the beginning point, alongside the plates and napkins. Save the ribs for last so that the guests will have actually semi-full key by the moment they acquire to the main attraction.Cut sausages or chicken tenders into little pieces to encourage world to take it a little bit the everything.Prepare your sides and also sauces the day before so you i will not ~ be rushing come get everything ready in ~ the last minute.

How To keep Ribs warm When cooking For big Groups

If you’ve ever before tried to barbecue meat because that a big gathering, friend may have actually noticed that it deserve to be daunting to pull off. This is specifically true if her grill is too tiny to cook all the meat in ~ once. Fortunately, yes sir a method to store the cooking ribs warmth while friend grill the secondary meats.


Fill a regular, well-insulated cooler through a few gallons of hot water. Nearby the lid and let it heat up for about 30 minutes.

Next, dump out the water and also place a clean bath towel on the bottom of the warmed cooler. Set a disposable aluminum tray on optimal of the towel.

When the ribs space done, wrap them in silver paper and set them in the aluminum tray. Set another bath towel on height of the sheathe ribs and also close the lid the the cooler until you’re all set to serve.

For best results, don’t leaving the ribs in the warmer for longer than one hour. If you have actually a meat thermometer v a lengthy cord, use it to save an eye on the interior temperature that the ribs while girlfriend prepare the secondary meats.

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In Conclusion

Advance preparation is the key to a effective party. Following in line is ensuring that you’ll have enough food to store all the guest happy. By following these guidelines, you must know just how countless racks of ribs per human being to carry out for your following backyard bash.