Winner of 3 Championships (Two super Bowls and also One university Football Championship) and Member the FOX NFL Sunday Team

Jimmy Johnson, the architect of the Dallas Cowboys" consecutive to win in supervisor Bowls XXVII and XXVIII, former Miami dolphin coach and current member of FOX"s NFL SUNDAY team, is a proven leader and motivator.

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Johnson offered as Cowboys" head coach native 1989 to March 1994. That was called to the task on February 25, 1989, the day the franchise was purchased by collegiate teammate Jerry Jones. He is among only five head coaches in NFL background to command a team to back-to-back Super key wins, and also in 3 of his final four years v the Cowboys, that was named NFL Coach the the Year by a national media outlet. Throughout that time, Johnson"s clubs compiled a document of 50-22 (.694), and also the Cowboys winner 39 of their last 50 gamings (.780). In 1992, the led the team to a franchise record 13 regular-season victories, and team document 16 wins overall. Together Cowboys" head coach, that compiled an in its entirety 44-36 regular-season record, and went 7-1 in postseason play.

After retiring as the head coach the the two-time defending Super bowl Champion Cowboys after ~ the 1993 season, Johnson join FOX sporting activities in April 1994 to serve as one analyst on the fledgling pre-game show, and also remained with the present for its very first two seasons. Immediately, FOX NFL SUNDAY established itself as the overwhelming pan favorite, a place it has enjoyed yearly since, to win 16 Emmy Awards in eight years, including four for best Studio Show.

Johnson signed a four-year contract to come to be the head coach and also general manager that the Miami dolphin on January 11, 1996, make the NFC Championship game on January 14 his last assignment because that FOX NFL SUNDAY. He thrived the legend Don Shula at Miami, becoming the 3rd head coach in dolphins history. In four seasons together Dolphins coach, Johnson compiled a 36-28 record, and went 2-3 in five postseason games. He retirement his Dolphins position on January 16, 2000 v an 80-64 regular-season document as a NFL head coach, and also a 9-4 postseason mark.

Johnson relocated to the NFL after completing 5 seasons as the head coach of the college of Miami Hurricanes, translate into a 52-9 record, 2 Orange key titles, two No. 2 finishes, and also a national Championship in 1987. He to be the first person in football background to serve as head coach for a Super key champion and a national collegiate champion.

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An Arkansas alumnus, Johnson"s coaching career started as the protective line coach at Louisiana tech in 1965 (Bradshaw"s alma mater). He later coached at Wichita State, Iowa State, Oklahoma University and the college of Pittsburgh. He became head coach in ~ Oklahoma State in 1979, and compiled a 29-25 document with two bowl appearances in 5 seasons there.