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Poodles room a breed of dog the is in demand. Their numerous positive canine traits put them in the peak 10 of wanted races in the US. Depending upon the type, poodle litter size can range from a solitary puppy in most toy litters, to half a dozen because that standard and also Royal poodles.

The fact that they room not high maintenance pets coupled v their hypoallergenic coats renders them perfect for human being who could not have actually a dog otherwise. Breeders are maintained busy with many requests for your litters of puppies.

Poodle varieties – Sizes and Mixes

The 3 officially known sizes the poodles space toy-sized, miniature, and standard. However, there are additionally non-official sub-classifications dubbed teacup, kings, and royals together with mixed or hybrid each other such together a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Cockapoo.

These last are hybrid dog that space not recognized by formal dog associations yet are loved because that their usually hypoallergenic nature and positive poodle traits. These non-official sizes and also mixes deserve to be put into the three accepted poodle size group when talking around litter size to give you one idea of what can be supposed in regards come litter number for many poodle kind dogs.

If you decide the poodle is the ideal pet for you, and also want to start searching for a breeder, then you will require to choose a poodle kind that fits her lifestyle. Even if it is you are deciding come buy a poodle from a breeder or reproduction your own pup, expertise their litter size and also things that impact the number are vital as you relocate forward.

Circumstances that impact Litter Size

Before us look at median litter dimension by type of poodle, some facts influence those numbers and will rise or decrease them depending upon the situation. Over there is no guaranteed amount of any kind of litter size. Overall, small dogs often tend to have smaller litters, and also then the number walk up as the dog size does together well. Along with the poodle dimension factor, various other things will influence litter numbers together well, such as:

Mothers period – The period of the dog that is pregnant matters. If a pup is younger or older, the litter dimension tends to be smaller. Female dog in your prime years have tendency to have actually the biggest litters. However, if the mother is bred with an older male, this can impact litter size as well since sperm counts are reduced as the male dog ages.

Toy Poodle Litters

Toys room the smallest of the recognized poodle breed. Adult toys will weigh in between 5-10 pounds and also are 10” or smaller when measured from the shoulder. The wee teacup poodle is on the lower finish of this dimension group and also simply smaller sized toys. These tiny pups have actually a wide variety of life expectations from 10-18 year.

Toy poodles have the smallest litter size when contrasted to their bigger poodle counterparts. The average is 3 pups every litter. This can readjust due to reproduction circumstances and the mommy herself. Plenty of toys only have one puppy and also a couple of that may have up come five, although that is rare. If you desire a toy poodle puppy, then discover a reputable breeder and book ahead as the litters are tiny and in demand.

Miniature Poodle Litters

Miniature poodles room a dimension up after toys. They have the right to weigh native 12-17 pounds and range in elevation from 11” come 15” at the shoulder. Their life span is similar to the toy poodle ranging from 10-18 years.

Miniature poodles often tend to have actually rather common size litters. Lock have five pups top top average, however this again is influenced by circumstances as outlined above. You will have the finest results if you look for a trustworthy breeder that takes good care of both the mom and dads before, during, and after pregnancy.

Standard Poodle Litters

Standards space the biggest of the poodle breed and also can weigh approximately 70 pounds and also 15” tall. King and also royal poodles will certainly be above that variety heading up to 90lbs. Similar to most larger dogs, your life expectancy is reduced than the toy or miniature falling in between 11-13 years.


These enlarge dogs have tendency to have actually larger litter sizes through the median being roughly seven puppies every litter. The largest poodle litter come from a conventional poodle mommy named Charlie in Canada. She provided birth come a document 16 puppies. She to be a breeder’s dog that was in good health and optimum age. A great example that what girlfriend are looking for on the maternal side of breeding. Typical litters have much more pups available, but these pups space still in high demand so you might be ~ above a waiting perform if this is the path you select to go.

Final Thoughts

You can learn about proper reproduction through various publications such together A Layman’s Guide.

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 Books such together this will offer you details when selecting a breeder and help you recognize the procedure if girlfriend are reproduction yourself. Finding a trustworthy breeder who takes care of your poodles before, during, and after pregnant is important. Caring around their dogs method their litters must be bigger in number so you will not only obtain a new puppy of her chosen type but a healthy and balanced one together well.