When plan party platters, how much must you setup per person? These advice can help you feed her guests there is no busting your budget plan or ending up v too much leftover food.

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Over the years we’ve acquired quite a few questions from readers around frugal party planning. Below are 2 of the questions and the many advantageous responses other frugal readers detailed that could aid you throw your next party for less.

Dear dissension Stretcher,What’s a great way to determine exactly how much food per person should be allowed when to plan party platters? because that example, How numerous ounces or pounds that meat per kid or adult have to be allowed when make a meat tray? We room thinking of do a meat and also cheese tray, a fresh vegetables tray, and also a fresh fruit tray yet have no idea exactly how much we should allow per person. Or walk anyone have any kind of ideas for various other frugal party platters? any tips would certainly be helpful.Thank you,Millie

Dear dissension Stretcher,We’re planning on having a large New Year’s party. In the past once we’ve had large parties, we constantly seem to have too much food and also drink or no enough. Are there any kind of guidelines that we have the right to follow the will aid us acquire it right? we don’t desire to disappointed our guests, yet we can’t afford to waste money either.Derek

A site That Will aid with Party Food Planning

This website gives pretty great information about estimating food because that a party. You’ll discover it here. Hope it helps. I’ve offered it and also like it because that party planning.Mary

Tips to keep Your Party prices Low

My husband is a catering director and also while over there are components like budget, time of day, etc. The accuse are roughly 10 come 15 bites every person.

If you space trying to conserve money, have your party mid-day after ~ lunch and before dinner. That way you can arrangement for under bites every person. If you have actually a party approximately dinnertime (approximately 7 p.m.), then setup on more bites.

Also, if you space doing really bites, like small bite-sized brownies and also such, setup on more for dessert. Human being have a tendency to keep nibbling ~ above them. If you’re reasoning budget-wise, have a cake or something where you aren’t just nibbling. World will think twice prior to going because that a third piece that cake, however they don’t think around the 20 brownie bites castle nibble on as they pass the food table.

Also, I’ve always seen much better success with an ext food, as opposed to less, but more expensive food. Most human being are happy v finger sandwiches and don’t care so much that you invested $500 ~ above caviar.Stickler

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A couple of Guidelines because that Party plate Planning

As a personal chef and also caterer, i think I can help. Here are a few guidelines:

Beverages – 8 ounces per human or 3 pound can of coffee amounts to 300 servings4 parts of 4 ounces every from the 4 food groups equates to 1 lb per 4 persons4 ounces meat (ham, turkey, roast beef, meatballs, chicken or fish). V a sit-down meal, number 6-8 ounces per human of one entrée.4 ounces of potato salad or constant salad (potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, scalloped or Au Gratin Potatoes)4 ounces of one more vegetable (carrots or eco-friendly beans)4 ounces that dessertTherefore, 20 people will need 5 pounds from each food group. 40 civilization will require 10 pounds from each food group, etc.

This is based on the median eater.Kathleen


Planning Party Platters: principles From Experience

I’m liven right now planning my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary so this inquiry is ideal down my line. Due to the fact that I’m a pastor’s mam I’ve also had a the majority of experience through planning for groups.

Somewhere along the years i picked up a party planner book and this is what they to speak on to plan party platters:

Plan on 2 come 3 ounces of meat per person. (25 servings of cold cuts would be 3 to 5 pounds)Plan 1 come 1 1/2 ounces that cheese slices per serving. (This would be 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 pounds because that 25 servings)Plan 1/2 cup the chicken, tuna, and potato salad per person. (1 gallon for 25 people)Allow 4 to 6 piece of vegetables on a relish tray per person. (2 pounds that broccoli or cauliflower makes around 32 florets, 1 lb of carrots makes about 65 (3 X 1/2 inch) sticks, 1 3/4 pounds the celery makes around 100 (4 X 1/2 inch) sticks, 1 pint of cherry tomatoes amounts to 25 servings, 1 1/2 pounds that cucumber amounts to 50 servings (1/4 inch slices)When considering children, I’ve found that some human being take more, some take much less so that pretty fine balances out. The exemption seems to be the salads prefer chicken, tuna, potato salad, etc. Children just it seems ~ to stop that and also you might figure just one serving for every 3 to 4 kids. I hope this helps. The sure has actually helped me end the years.


Plan top top Leftovers You’ll Eat

We organize several big parties a year because we have a bigger home and also a full-size volleyball court, both the which are a rarity in our mountain community! Anyway, we can have the exact same crowd over on two various occasions and also people will consume totally different amounts. You just never know.

The key is come serve things that girlfriend like and that freeze well. I generally buy a boneless sliced ham and also turkey from Costco along with cheese and also rolls for people to make little sandwiches.Paula

Learn from she Potluck Success

I organized a potluck for 20 world several years ago. Ns told everyone to carry eight to nine servings of whatever they were bringing to the potluck. This seemed choose an ideal number. The amount resolved beautifully!

At the finish of the night, there were a couple of leftovers, but the potluck came out around “even.” I’ve used this numerous times and also it has actually guided me well.Meigs

Host a Potluck

Why not have actually a potluck? Each human brings a dish of their own, and also that way, you’re not out a ton that money. You have the right to spend the on plastic tableware, drinks, or some various other items.

Everyone contributes a small bit and it should end up saving you a most money.Joshua C.

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Always Make an ext Than Enough

You never ever want to operation out that food! i would setup ahead and make dishes that any leftovers can be put into meal-size containers to be frozen. I would certainly then try to use a container or 2 as component of a meal at home.

Make certain it is not sitting out much more than 2 hours. If the can’t be done, divide the dish into two parts and only placed one the end at a time, for this reason nothing spoils. Be sure to watch once one food is obtaining low. Then lug out the 2nd one.Dee Bee

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Subscribers acquire a copy of our ebook Little Luxuries: 130 means to Live Better...For Less because that FREE!