Family Guy's Peter Griffin need to Be In Prison: right here Are all His crime Peter Griffin has actually killed multiple people and burned down buildings. He must really it is in in prison with an insane lab sheet like this.

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Peter Griffin from Family Guy should be in prison by now based on his behavior. The Seth MacFarlane-created animated comedy first debuted ~ above Fox in 1999, yet the show didn"t achieve the popularity it now has until after ~ it to be cancelled and revived. Because the return the the series in 2005, Family Guy has come to be one of the biggest animated mirrors around, and audiences have grown rather attached to its characters.

Over twenty years of Family Guy, it is no surprised that the Griffin household has knowledgeable some genuinely absurd moments. Through it all, Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, and Stewie have actually remained in ~ the facility of the story, yet it is Peter that is the unquestioned command of the series. The lazy, offensive, and also selfish father/husband has nearly no limit to what he will not do, whether for his acquire or just for a great laugh. And also when you look back at every little thing he has done, there space plenty of factors why Peter have to be behind bars.

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As debated in Screen Rant"s latest video, Peter has done some awful things during Family Guy"s run, and, unbelievably, he has actually not however been arrested for his many crimes. He once revealed to Meg that the means he earns his living for the household is by robbing banks, and also if the wasn"t dumb enough, Family Guy shows him doing therefore without any type of masks or methods to hide his identity. Worse, he takes along Meg, that kills a hostage top top accident. This event all on its own must be sufficient to put him in jail because that years, but this may not also be the worst violation of his life. Check out the video clip at the height of this article for even more.

Peter Griffin household Guy Jail
one of the most recurring troubling acts the Peter go is physics violence or abuse. He when beat up a child at Chris" school and also even killed another one he believed to be a bully (but murdered the wrong kid instead). Peter additionally appeared to kill a young kid to take it a jet ski because that a brief ride and crushed two youngsters to fatality by falling with the roof the their home as the tried to be mary Poppins. As poor as this all is, not even his family is protected from his violent tendencies. He has shot Meg, thrown Stewie under the tires of Lois" car, and kidnapped his twin brother. In every of this instances, Peter didn"t receive any legal punishment.

One the the only instances wherein he did go to jail was as soon as he bombed a children"s hospital. The bombing set three stories of the structure on fire and also resulted in many deaths. However, Peter got a just 7-day sentence in prison instead. The arson and also property damage charges alone should"ve locked him increase for much longer than a week, yet killing multiple people should"ve put him away because that years. Think it or not, this isn"t Peter"s just firey activity. He was responsible for burning someone"s home down, yet he also got away through that.

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Given the world that Family Guy created, Peter isn"t the only character that resorts to violence or destruction, but, incredibly, a few days in jail is every he"s offered with a rap sheet like this.