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TARRYTOWN, N.Y., may 24, 2012 / -- Kraft foodstuffs just released the new Capri sun juice drink huge Pouch v an over-the-top Facebook web page featuring one attention-grabbing stop-motion monster video.




For years, Capri sunlight juice drink fans have asked for a bigger version that the standard childhood drink. The brand-new Capri Sun big Pouch is a bigger, redesigned variation of the initial foil pouch, currently with 11.2 ounces, a sleek new shape and also a recloseable cap.

"This is a significant milestone for Capri Sun. Because that the an initial time, ours intended customer may be old sufficient to interact with us through social platforms choose Facebook," claimed Wilfred de Guzman, Brand Manager (aka "Pouch Master") because that Capri Sun. "Capturing the fist of 13-to-15-year-olds isn"t easy; us knew we necessary to develop an endure for them that was deserving of your attention and also passion for the product."

In partnership with social engagement agency SS+K, the online project focuses top top a video clip posted to the "Capri sun Goes Big" on facebook page. The video features a standard Capri sunlight pouch going v an unexplained transformation. Left unattended in the fridge, the pouch twists and morphs in stop-motion, coming to be something big, extreme … and also a tiny bit monstrous.

Leading as much as the launch, the Capri sun Goes large Facebook web page stoked enthusiasm speculation on the dimension of the large Pouch. End the food of several weeks, the team used fun image of Capri sunlight pouches the dimension of hot-air balloons, elephants and also skateboard ramps. A pouch-shaped graphic filling up together the launch day nears, teasing the reveal of a bag that"s new, larger and more exciting 보다 ever.

So far, in the last 3 weeks, the page has generated more than 48,000 brand-new likes, v an typical of 2,500 a day, also though the product has only remained in stores because that the last few days.

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The brand-new Capri Sun big Pouch is marketed individually and also comes in three great flavors – Fruit Punch, Maui Cooler and also Strawberry Kiwi. It can be discovered on screens in choose U.S. Supermarkets at the argued retail price of 79 cents per pouch and will be easily accessible for a minimal time.

About Kraft Foods

Kraft foodstuffs Inc. (NYSE: KFT) is a an international snacks powerhouse v an unrivaled portfolio that brands human being love. Proud marketing delicious biscuits, confectionery, beverages, cheese, grocery store products and also convenient meals in approximately 170 countries, Kraft foodstuffs had 2011 revenue the $54.4 billion. Twelve the the company"s iconic brands – Cadbury, Jacobs, Kraft, LU, Maxwell House, Milka, Nabisco, Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, Tang and Trident – generate revenue of much more than $1 exchange rate annually. On Aug. 4, 2011, Kraft foodstuffs announced plans come divide and also create 2 independent windy companies: a high-growth worldwide snacks business and also a high-margin phibìc American grocery store business. The transaction is supposed to it is in completed prior to the end of 2012. A leader in innovation, marketing, wellness & wellness and also sustainability, Kraft foodstuffs is a member of the Dow Jones commercial Average, standard & Poor"s 500, Dow Jones Sustainability Index and also Ethibel Sustainability Index. Visit and