The reaction in between potassium superoxide, KO2, and also CO2,4 KO2 + 2 CO2 †’ 2K2CO3 + 3 O2is supplied as a source of O2 and also absorber the CO2 in self-contained breathing equipment used by rescue workers.

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(a) How many moles that O2 are developed when 0.400 mol of KO2 reaction in this fashion?(b) How many grams the KO2 are required to kind 7.50 g of O2?(c) How plenty of grams that CO2 are used when 7.50 g the O2 are produced?

superoxide, KO2, is used in rebreathing gas masks to generate oxygen. 4KO2(s) + 2H2O(l ) ? 4KOH(s) + 3O2(g) If a reaction vessel includes 0.25 mol KO2 and 0.15 mol H2O, what is the limiting reactant? How many moles of oxygen can be... Check out Answer
The complete combustion of octane, C8H18, the main component of gasoline, proceeds as follows: 2...... ... of 0.692 g/mL at 20 °C. How many grams of O2 are forced to burn 15.0 gal of C8H18 (the capacity of an median fuel tank)? (d) How many grams of CO2 are produced when 15.0 gal of C8H18... See Answer
a. Many biochemical reactions that occur in cell re-quire relatively high concentrations of...... ... Represents adenosine diphosphate. Because that this reaction at 37oC, K = 1.7 × 105 How many moles of ATP must be hydrolyzed to carry out the energy for the move of 1.0 mole of K+? i think standard... See Answer
A city is considering using its lake as a source of power. The typical temperature distinction from...... ... (c) The surface area of the lake is 8.0 × 107 m2 and the average incident intensity (over 24 h) of the sunshine is 200 W/m2. Can the lake supply enough heat to satisfy the town"s energy needs... See Answer
The key reaction of a charcoal grill is C(s) + O2(g) CO2(g). Which of the statements...... ... of O2 to produce 44 g of CO2.e. 1 mol of C reacts with 1 mol of O2 to develop 1 mol of CO2.f. 1 mol of C reacts through 0.5 mol of O2 to create 1 mol of... See Answer
Two carriers are considering whether to enter a brand-new market. The decision matrix in figure 9P-8...... ... Agency B do? b. If company B enters, what should firm A do? c. Expect the Nicaraguan government releases a push statement the it will cover any kind of profit accident for company B. How much will... Check out Answer
identify the absent amount for each separate instance involving inventory cost flows. See Answer
Avant Corporation"s November inventory activity is as follows. Avant provides a perpetual inventory...... ... Perpetual list system. RequiredCompute the finishing inventory and expense of products sold under the FIFO, LIFO, and moving mean costing methods. Round typical unit costs to the nearest cent... Watch Answer
Hydrofluoric acid, HF(aq), cannot be save on computer in glass bottles because compounds referred to as silicates in...... ... moles of HF are needed to react with 0.300 mol of Na2SiO3? (b) How many grams of NaF form when 0.500 mol of HF reacts v excess Na2SiO3? (c) How many grams of Na2SiO3 can react v 0.800... Check out Answer
numerous brands of antacids usage Al(OH)3 to react v stomach acid, which has primarily HCl:...... ... (c) calculation the number of grams of AlCl3 and the number of grams of H2O developed when 0.500 g of Al(OH)3 reacts. (d) show that your calculations in components (b) and (c) are continual with the... See Answer
Pace company purchased 20,000 of the 25,000 share of Saddler corporation for $525,000. On January...... ... Required:A. Prepare the entry on the books of Pace agency to document its investment in Saddler Corporation.B. Prepare a Computation and allocation Schedule for the difference between book... See Answer
Farley company identifies the complying with items for possible inclusion in the acquisition of a physical...... ... be consisted of or excluded from the inventory taking.(a) goods shipped on consignment by Farley to another company.(b) items in transit from a supplier shipped FOB destination.(c) goods sold but... Check out Answer
The eco-friendly Protection agency sometimes imposes penalties on that company that pollute the...... ... Would certainly be high-quality or prohibitive can pay an additional business to do the palliation for it. Do you agree with this arrangement? just how would you feel as an investor in a agency that utilizes carbon... See Answer
Moonlight Drive-Ins Ltd. Borrowed money by issuing $2,000,000 of 4% bonds payable at 97.5 on July 1, 2014. Te bonds room 10-year bonds and pay attention each January 1 and July 1.1. How much cash go Moonlight receive when it authorize the binding payable? Journalize this transaction.2. Exactly how much must... Check out Answer
Pardee Chemical’s list of ND301 on January 1 was 7,500 gallons, costing $ 0.54 per gallon (periodic inventory). In enhancement to this beginning inventory, purchases throughout the following six months were as follows: Pardee Chemical’s perform on June 30 was 12,000 gallons. During this... See Answer

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throughout 2016, Ryel this firm controller inquiry you to prepare correcting newspaper entries for the...... 1,... Estimated organization life is 5 years. The computation of the depreciation erroneously had the approximated residual value.Required:Prepare any necessary correcting journal entries for each... See Answer