Viggo Mortensen speaks 7 languages

It is no secret that Danish-American actor Viggo Mortensen is a highly achieved man.

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A brilliant actor, producer, director, author, musician, painter and also poet, Mortensen is primarily recognized for his performances in a slew that superb movies including The lord of the Rings trilogy, Captain Fantastic, Hidalgo, A background of Violence, A dangerous Method and also Eastern Promises.

What many civilization may not know, however, is Viggo Mortensen is also a polyglot. A human who speaks several languages.

How many languages walk Viggo Mortensen speak?

Two, three, four, more?

All I have the right to say is a video uploaded come YouTube last month (watch below) surprised the hell out of me.

Because, apparently, Viggo Mortensen speaks 7 languages (four fluently, and three far far better than most civilization on the planet could ever manage), and also has even given speeches in both Arabic and Catalan in the past.

Which space the 7 languages Viggo Mortensen speaks?

According come Mortensen, he speak English, Danish, Spanish and also French fluently. He also says he is conversational in Italian, a language comparable to Spanish, which method many Spanish speakers understand a fair little bit of Italian, and also vice versa.

The two various other languages the understands space Norwegian and also Swedish. Both languages that he can more than ‘get by in’ when he speaks them.

Mortensen as Aragorn in the lord of the rings trilogyHow did Viggo Mortensen discover seven languages?

Viggo Mortensen’s mommy is American, and also he to be born in brand-new York City. His father is Danish.

When Viggo was young, his household moved to Venezuela (hence his start Spanish skills), climate to Denmark and on to Argentina, whereby he became completely fluent in Spanish.

As a teenager, Mortensen also taught self Danish, together he would certainly hear his dad speaking in Danish to his friends and wanted to recognize what the said.

He has a Bachelors degree in Spanish Studies and also Politics, and after graduating from St. Lawrence university in new York State, he stayed in Spain and also England for number of years.

Mortensen likewise learnt the Canadian variety of French as an additional language, however then adapted it come the Algerian language for his duty in the 2014 movie Far indigenous Men.

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Watch Viggo Mortensen speaking seven languages in the video clip below — English, Spanish, Danish, French, Italian, Arabic and also Catalan.

And climate there’s me — 3 years living in Austria, and still struggling to learn German. Ye Gods!

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