Assuming molar fixed of O2 = 32 gm/molerequired moles of O2 = 8.5/32= 0.266 molesrequied mole of KO2= (4/3)*0.266= 0.354 molesMolecular weight of KO2 = 39+32 = 71 gm/moleWeight = 71*0.354= 25.134 gms

The massive of required is 19.3 grams.

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To calculate the variety of moles, we usage the equation:


Given fixed of oxygen gas = 6.5 g

Molar massive of oxygen gas = 32 g/mol

Putting worths in equation 1, us get:


The chemical equation follows:

By Stoichiometry of the reaction:

3 mole of oxygen gas is developed by 4 mole of

So, 0.203 mole of oxygen gas is created by =


Now, calculating the mass of by using equation 1, us get:

Molar fixed of = 71.1 g/mol

Moles that = 0.271 moles

Putting values in equation 1, us get:


Hence, the fixed of essential is 19.3 grams.

23.43 grams that KO₂ is essential to type 8.0 g the O₂

Further explanation

Stochiometry in Chemistry learns about chemical reactions greatly emphasizing quantitative, such as calculations that volume, mass, number, i m sorry are pertained to the number of actions, molecules, elements, etc.

In chemical calculations, the reaction can be determined, the variety of substances that deserve to be to express in devices of mass, volume, mole, or identify a chemical formula, for example, the substance level or molecule formula of the hydrate.

The reaction equation is the chemistry formula of reagents and product substances

A reaction coefficient is a number in the chemistry formula that a substance connected in the reaction equation. The reaction coefficient is valuable for equalizing reagents and also products.

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In the reaction equation over there are also manifestations the reagent substances specific gas (g), fluid (liquid / l), heavy (solid / s) and also solution (aqueous / aq).

The reaction between potassium superoxide, KO₂, and also CO₂, to obtain O₂, is usually provided by rescue groups in the kind of breathing equipment

4KO₂ + 2CO₂ → 2K₂CO₃ + 3O₂

From the over equation the reaction mirrors that for every 4 mole of KO₂ you will gain 3 moles of O₂, or a proportion of moles of KO₂: mole of O₂ = 4: 3