Weight: How numerous Grams in an Eighth?

An eighth is 3.5 grams. This originates from the reality that the is 1/8 of one ounce. One ounce is 28 grams. Now, I recognize a lot of people are walking to shot and argue v me the an oz is technically much more than 28 grams. When you space correct, the is essential to note that cannabis operates ~ above a 28-gram ounce out that simplicity.

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Eighths room a renowned buying choice for people who are somewhat constant smokers. You will practically always get a far better price if girlfriend buy an eighth rather of a gram at a time. Of course, buying more than one eighth will generally get you an also bigger discount.

Sometimes you’ll hear of someone selling half-eighths, which have to be dubbed 1/16 (sixteenth) in mine opinion. Although, I will certainly say it’s to be a really long time since I’ve heard someone reference an half-eighth. It’s 1.75 grams.

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Price because that 1/8 of Weed

The price is walk to vary greatly relying on your location. V that said, I’ll shot to carry out my finest to put a selection on the price you would likely encounter.

At a dispensary, you’re going to pay in between $35-50 with choose strains costing more. Street prices are tricky. In legitimate states, the street prices tend to run slightly lower than what you would pay in ~ a dispensary ($25-$40). In illegal states, the street price of 1/8 is frequently going come be greater than what you would certainly pay in ~ a dispensary ($40-$60). Part illegal says (especially in tiny towns) watch prices together high together $70. Any an ext than the is too high of a price as far as i’m concerned.

How lot are friend paying because that an eighth? allow me understand in the comment section below. Also, if you desire to learn much more about the price of different amounts of weed girlfriend should check out this post I wrote: How much Does Weed Cost?

What go an Eighth that Weed look Like?

It is really crucial to remember that not all weed is the same density. That is, some weed is super thick which will make the amount look at smaller. Other weed is fluffy which looks bigger. This method that not all eights room going come look the same.

With that said I execute want to provide you a visual overview to an eighth, therefore here’s a snapshot of specifically 3.5 grams the weed. I would say this weed is slightly on the denser side of the spectrum. Lighter for scale.

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That’s pretty much all I’ve obtained to say about eighths of weed. Make sure to autumn a comment below, and have an awesome day.

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