A 1.5 gallon tank has too little volume for any fish come swim comfortably and too little volume to dilute the regular ammonia that fish produce.

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If girlfriend tell us what sort of glofish you space interested in (barb, danio, tetra) we might advise you as to how huge you have to go.


As others have said, that is merely too small.

Additionally, if you"re interested particularly in Glofish, they really shouldn"t be retained in groups of less than 6, but the much more of them there are, the more happiness they tend to be (as long as castle fit the tank).

With that, I"d speak you require at least a 10 gallon tank for 6 Glofish. We currently have 9 Glofish in a 30 gallon, yet we"re more than likely going to get a couple of more.


Most glofish reach sizes from 2-3 inches. They space dyed white dress tetras or dyed danios. I strongly disagree v the whole glofish idea. Girlfriend cannot stock a 1.5 gallon v 2-3 customs fish. Expect i can help.


Willfsh02, Glofish room not dyed. They to be genetically modified in a laboratory to have actually the colour and flourescent look.

There room fish who space dyed, painted, or even tattooed. It"s been done come the Glass fish, and Koi, amongst others. Ns am very much against this, it"s cruel and the fish regularly have a much shorter life span.

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But Glofish to be modified. Originally they provided Zebra Danios, intended for some sort of water top quality testing, ns believe. Later they put the genes into the dress tetras and also then some Tiger Barbs.

Whether or not you agree through the idea of hereditary modification, the addition of flourescent genes from maritime organisms hasn"t excellent any certain harm come the fish. They have a normal lifespan. Lock reproduce normally and the genes space passed to their fry. Castle behave in the same means as the non-modified fish do and have the same requirements as their unmodified brethren for an are and various other parameters.