Family Handyman

Photo 1: adjust screw gun depth

Twist the nosepiece top top the screw pistol to adjust the screw depth. Exercise driving screws on a scrap the drywall donate by timber until you acquire the setup just right.

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how to placed screws in drywall

Photo 2: proper screw depth

The screw top top the peak is also shallow. There’s no room for joint compound. The center screw is just right. There’s a recess for joint compound and the file face the the drywall is intact. The screw top top the bottom is too deep. The document face is torn through; the screw won’t hold.

Photo 1: push drywall versus studs

Press versus the drywall while you drive in screws. Don’t relax the pressure until you’ve pushed two or three screws into the framing to distribution the load.

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Close up

Screws will certainly pop with the drywall if there is a gap in between the stud and the drywall. Advertise the drywall tight and fastening several screws in the area will resolve the problem.