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Issue Details

When I attach multiple USB tools to a USB hub, I get one that the following Windows errors: Not enough USB controller resources – the controller does no have enough resources for this device.You have actually exceeded the variety of supported USB tools on the hold Controller. You re welcome disconnect alternate USB machine currently not being used or affix one that the gadgets to a different port. ​​​​​​​


USB host controllers space designed to assistance a restricted number of USB endpoints. If the variety of endpoints linked exceeds the number supported by the USB organize controller on your computer, Windows will throw an error indicating the the controller does no have enough resources because that the device. The number of endpoints supplied by USB gadgets is not adjustable. Shot the adhering to steps to settle the error:Unplug any kind of USB gadgets that space not vital for her application.Connect USB devices directly to the computer, fairly than with a USB hub or extender.Distribute your USB gadgets evenly throughout multiple root ports or hold controllers. You can see her computer’s obtainable and installed host controllers in Windows machine Manager. If your computer has PCI, PCIe, or other species of expansion slots, you might be may be to include additional hold controllers v USB adapter cards.If you can replace the USB host controller on your computer, try a various chipset or brand.

Additional Information

A solitary USB organize controller can permit up to 127 associated devices. A connected USB hub counts together a USB maker address, and every device connected to it goes in the direction of the maximum permitted addresses for the one host controller. A solitary USB machine can allocate as much as 32 endpoints. The total variety of USB endpoints enabled is dependence on the USB organize controller and its firmware. For part controllers, this number can be much less than 100 total allowable USB endpoints. Since some USB gadgets can use up to 32 endpoints every device, you can exceed the variety of allowable endpoints as soon as connecting them to a USB hub. Some computer’s own inner USB ports and also other internal tools are every tied come a solitary USB hold controller, i m sorry can likewise lead to exceeding USB resources quickly. 

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