Find out what varieties to buy, and how come grow, cook, bake and freeze this sweet-tart spring veggie.

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Born and raised in the tropics, I’ve appreciated a plethora that fruits—from mango to pineapple come tamarind. Rhubarb no on mine radar till I taste strawberry-rhubarb pie at my an initial baby shower head in Canada end thirty years ago. It to be love at very first bite, for this reason I collection out to find out an ext about this vegetable that functions so fine in fruit pies! Here’s what I’ve learned (and for‘s finest rhubarb recipes, click here):

1. There are two varieties of rhubarb

Two usual varieties the this vegetable space the Cherry, v dark pink stalks, and also the Victoria, with eco-friendly stalks mirroring a note of red. Nothing be misled by the colours—the green stalks deserve to actually be much less tart!

2. How to spot great rhubarb

Look because that bright, crisp large stalks through minimal bruising and white marks.

3. Just the stalks are edible

High level of oxalic mountain make the pipeline toxic.

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4. Just how to store and also freeze rhubarb

Rhubarb is delicate and prone to water loss. You can store that in the fridge upright in water; that will save in the frozen fridge for around a week, yet freezing is finest if you desire to keep it because that longer. Come freeze: cut rhubarb into 1-in. Pieces and also lay out on a baking sheet. Ar sheet in freezer. Once frozen, save rhubarb in 2-cup sections in freezer bags (easier for future use). This way, it’ll be less complicated to measure out what you need, since the rhubarb won’t be grounding together.

5. Trim both end of the stalk

Cut stalks broader than one customs in half. A lb of reduced rhubarb yields 3 come 4 cups of chopped rhubarb. To chop rhubarb, reduced the width of the stalk right into 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch pieces.

6. Rhubarb is acidic

It is best to cook it in coated pans or glass baking dishes. Prevent using steel pans such together aluminum, copper or iron, as the rhubarb will rotate brown and also the pan will end up being discoloured.

7. How to thaw frozen rhubarb

When baking, thaw in a sieve over a key to discard overabundance liquid. Otherwise usage it from frozen. Simply reduce the lot of liquid detailed in the directions.

8. Exactly how to flourish your own

Want an incredibly local, convenient and also low-carbon it is provided chain for your cakes, pies and crisps? rhubarb is super basic to grow, and an developed plant will produce succulent and tart stalks for up to 20 years.

Plot the out at an early stage in the spring, choose a spot that has an excellent drainage and also gets a couple of hours the sun. Mix compost or manure right into the soil, and also plant royal tree crowns 2 to 3 feet apart (they will get big).

Cut away You deserve to start come harvest the rhubarb in its second season (the plants require to develop their roots during the very first summer). Reduced stalks at the basic of their stems when they space 12 to 18 customs long. Together mentioned, the leaves can’t it is in eaten, yet they have the right to be composted.

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Keep that growing Remove any kind of flower stalks together they begin to grow so the the plant will proceed to produce edible stalks—that way, you can have a all set supply for numerous weeks. Onions, garlic and also members of the brassica family members (like kale and also broccoli) make great companion plants. Divide plants every six to eight years. Surround them v a class of mulch to keep the ground repeatedly moist.