Cooking Ingredient: Please pick a food preparation ingredient. A density is compelled for converting in between cups and also pounds (a cup of street weighs less than a cup of water). If you great to include your own density figure, click 'add own'. -- list of ingredients --Water (pure)All function flourAlmond flourBread flourCake flourPastry flourWhote wheat flourBaking powderBaking soda (bicarb)Brown sugar (packed)Granulated sugarPowdered street (unsift)Raw cane sugarHoneyMaple syrupSteviaButterCannabis oil (pure)LardMargarineCoconut oilOlive oilPalm oilRapeseed oilSunflower oilMilkMilk (condensed)Milk (evaporated)Light creamHeavy creamWhipped creamYogurt (Greek)AlmondsCashew nutsPeanuts, no shelledPeanuts, shelledPecan nutsSunflower seedsWalnutsApplesAvocado (cubes)Avocado (pureed)Corn, gritsCorn, on the cobCorn, shelledPotatoes (white)Alcohol, pure (ethanol)BranBreadcrumbsChocolate (grated)Chocolate chipsCinnamonCocoa powderCoconut, shreddedCoffee (ground)Cumin (powdered)Currants (dried)Dried fruitsFruit juiceJamMascarponeMayonnaiseOatsOats, rolledPeanut butterRice (hulled)Rice (rough)Ricotta cheeseRyeSalt, fineTurmericYeastYogurt (plain)add very own

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Density: g/cm³g/Lg/mlkg/Lkg/m³oz/gal oz/gal lb/ft³lb/in³
Amount come convert:pounds oz
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Convert between pounds (lb) and also cups because that ingredients such together flour, sugar, butter, margarine and more. A referral table of common ingredients and also their cup to lb conversion deserve to be discovered in our ingredient listings.

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How countless cups room in a pound?

If you desire to know how countless cups there space in a lb of flour, butter, street or any type of other baking ingredient, are afraid not. We've placed together a table that cup dimensions for one pound of each. We likewise have a handy converter in ~ the peak of the page.

If you're converting in between pounds and also cups, it's essential to remember the the cup is a unit that volume and the pound (lb) is a unit that weight. This means that to make the conversion, you need a substance density figure.

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