The newest generation in Harley-Davidson large Twin performance, the Twin video camer 96 air-cooled V-Twin 45-degree engine debuted in addition to a 6-speed Cruise Drive infection in 2007 on all Touring, Softail and also Dyna models, setting a standard in the motorcycling industry. Electronic Sequential port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) is the hallmark fuel device of the Twin video camer 96. Through a bigger displacement and also innovative design enhancements, the Twin camer 96 is powerful, reliable and smooth.

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The powerful Twin camer 96 cubic-inch powertrain displaces 1584cc and also delivers a 17-percent an increase in torque over the previous Twin camer 88. Lower cruising rpm"s converts into an ext comfort on lengthy rides.

The Twin electronic came 96 attributes a brand-new crankcase style with the starter bolted directly to the inner major housing. This eliminates the starter jackshaft and also provides improved starter performance. One integral oil filter adapter eliminates gaskets and hardware. Because of the internal oil passages between the engine and also transmission, exterior oil lines and fittings are likewise eliminated.

Vibration is reduced and also performance amplified with lighter pistons and lighter, shorter connecting rods. The Twin electronic came 96 is significantly smoother 보다 the previous Twin cam 88 at many engine speeds.

Hydrostatic, plain camer bearings replace roller bearings offered in the vault Twin electronic came 88, offering boosted durability and also quieter operation. This brand-new camshaft architecture features multi-piece assembled camshafts to change the forged, single-piece cams of the Twin camer 88. A hydraulic automatic camer chain tensioner replace instead instead a single-loaded mechanically tensioner for all at once improved performance.

The Twin electronic came 96 exhaust is tuned for optimum exhaust flow, performance and also a commanding exhaust tone.

With brand-new feedback sensors and also fuel injector nozzles three times the size of the injectors ~ above the Twin video camer 88, the improved digital fuel injection system helps reduce exhaust emissions and also improves all at once driveability and also performance.

The Twin cam 96 is equipped with a freshly designed oil pump assembly that offers 10-percent an ext flow and 23-percent an ext scavenging capacity than the Twin cam 88. An integrated oil cooler adapter also improves performance of the oil pump. Oil capacity is 3-quarts.

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The 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission of the Twin electronic came 96 is quieter and requires less maintenance 보다 the ahead 5-speed transmission. Its change points space optimized come perfectly complement the performance calculation of the engine. The steel and aluminum change drum is lighter than previously engines and lowers change forces, making for a better shift feeling and transition completion. The addition of dog ring shifting reduces moving effort, making shifts faster and also smoother.