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I am wondering how countless cats a late 80"s beforehand 90"s fox body has? i was they have 4 cats. Few of us camaro guys were thinking of including another cat behind the original cat however aren"t sure wether or not it will actually work. Can anyone me if they have actually one cat and also then one more one after that or just one on every pipe. Thanks. Mike
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My automobile doesn"t have any type of cats top top it. It stays in the garage.Oh, you mean catalytic converters? 4. Lou.
few of us camaro males were thinking of adding another cat behind the initial cat however aren"t certain wether or no it will actually work.
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I guess I"ll ask.......Why?There room 4 indeed, 2 various kindsMine has actually 0, uneven I leaving garage door open

Errrr...... I hate when I need to clean thoes little paw prints turn off the hood..... Damn cats...I removed the converts cause I dislike them too
The front converters ~ above the stock pipe are largely pre-heaters to warmth up the exhaust, which consequently heats increase the main converters.Adding an additional one after your key converter can just record whatever was left, however I"m no an skilled on converters, no one of my cars have them
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Actually ns talked come Dynomax reps year ago about adding another converter after the main one thinking that it would help to have 4 top top the car to clean increase emmisions. In concept I would have thought it would work, however they said it doesn"t .
Fox bodied v-8s with twin exhaust had four cats. The front two or "lightoff" cats alleviate emissions when the automobile is cold. When the automobile is warmed increase the back two mitigate emissions. I have actually run only the rear two cats on one aftermarket H pipe because that close come a decade. As soon as the auto is warmed up, a an excellent running auto with the 2 rear cats will pass a sniff test and no additional cats room needed. Some men have had actually trouble through the intuitive in CA v a two cat H pipe although I never have.
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Z95m6....Where you at in Kansas? you work for greenpeace er sompin? 2 space 3-way catalyt, the other 2 are conventional oxidation catalyst.
At any rate, 2 extra cats downpipe that the initial cats probably wouldn"t aid much anyways.. Cats need to operate at reasonably narrow temperature bands in order to work correctly. Chances are the two new cats would certainly never acquire hot enough to work correctly....It would certainly be a crap shoot..
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