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Portion Size30 g
Amount every Portion38
% daily Value *
Vitamin D0.00mcg0%
* The % everyday Value (DV) speak you how much a nutrient in a serving of food add to a day-to-day diet. 2,000 calories a work is used for general nutrition advice.
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Jagerbomb nutrition facts and analysis per serving

VitaminsNutrientAmount DVVitamin A, RAE
Carotene, alpha 0.00mcg
Carotene, beta 0.00mcg
Cryptoxanthin, beta 0.00mcg
Lutein + zeaxanthin 0.00mcg
Lycopene 0.00mcg
Retinol 0.00mcg
Thiamin 0.009mg1%
Riboflavin 0.023mg2%
Niacin 2.211mg14%
Vitamin B6 0.487mg37%
Vitamin B12 0.44mcg18%
Vitamin B12, added 0.44mcg
Folate, DFE 0.00mcg0%
Folate, food 0.00mcg
Folic mountain 0.00mcg
Vitamin C 0.0mg0%
Vitamin D 0.00mcg0%
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 0.00mg0%
Vitamin E, included 0.00mg
Tocopherol, alpha 0.00mg
Vitamin K 0.0mcg0%
Choline 0.1mg
MineralsNutrientAmount DV
Calcium, Ca 1.20mg0%
Copper, Cu 0.007mg1%
Iron, Fe 0.02mg0%
Magnesium, Mg 4.20mg1%
Phosphorus, p 0.00mg0%
Potassium, K 0.60mg0%
Selenium, Se 0.1mcg0%
Sodium, Na 9.00mg0%
Zinc, Zn 0.01mg0%
Proteins and also AminoacidsNutrientAmount DV
Protein 0.10g0%
CarbohydratesNutrientAmount DVCarbohydrate
Fiber 0.0g0%
Sugars 5.42g
Net carbs 5.42g
Fats and also Fatty AcidsNutrientAmount DV
Fat 0.02g0%
Saturated fat acids 0.001g0%
Butanoic mountain 0.000g
Decanoic acid 0.000g
Dodecanoic mountain 0.000g
Hexadecanoic acid 0.001g
Hexanoic mountain 0.000g
Octadecanoic acid 0.000g
Octanoic mountain 0.000g
Tetradecanoic acid 0.000g
Monounsaturated fat acids 0.001g
Docosenoic mountain 0.000g
Eicosenoic acid 0.000g
Hexadecenoic mountain 0.000g
Octadecenoic acid 0.001g
Polyunsaturated fat acids 0.013g
Docosahexaenoic n-3 mountain (DHA) 0.00g
Docosapentaenoic n-3 acid (DPA) 0.00g
Eicosapentaenoic n-3 acid (EPA) 0.00g
Eicosatetraenoic mountain 0.000g
Octadecadienoic mountain 0.004g
Octadecatetraenoic mountain 0.000g
Octadecatrienoic acid 0.008g
SterolsNutrientAmount DV
Cholesterol 0.00mg0%
OtherNutrientAmount DV
Alcohol, ethyl 2.2g
Caffeine 6.60mg
Theobromine 0.00mg
Water 22.20g
Jagerbomb includes 38 calories every 30 g serving. One serving consists of 0 g the fat, 0.1 g of protein and 5.4 g that carbohydrate. The latter is 5.4 g sugar and also 0 g of diet fiber, the rest is complicated carbohydrate. Jagerbomb includes 0 g of saturated fat and 0 mg the cholesterol per serving. 30 g that Jagerbomb consists of IU vitamin A, 0.0 mg that vitamin C and 0.00 mcg the vitamin D and also 0.02 mg the iron, 1.20 mg of calcium and 0.6 mg the potassium.

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Jagerbomb belong to "Liquor and cocktails" food category. Food propertiesSource
USDA Food and also nutrient database
CategoryLiquor and also cocktails