Whether you choose boiled, scrambled, or poached, eggs room a good source of high quality protein. At simply 74 calories per egg (310 kJ), they are among the healthiest foods items you have the right to eat.

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But egg aren’t just a low-calorie food choice. Often referred to together nature’s multivitamin, lock are full of protein, vitamin D, vitamins A, E and B12, omega-3 fatty acids, iron and choline.To uncover out much more about choline in eggs click here.

Below space answers come some typically asked questions about the calorie and also nutrient file of eggs.

How plenty of Calories in an Egg?

An average-size egg includes 74 calories, or 310 kJ. This is the egg size found in the 700 gram cartons that most people buy.

A smaller sized egg indigenous a 600 gram carton includes 64 calories, or 268 kJ.

A larger than median egg native an 800 gram carton includes 84 calories, or 352 kJ.

The nutrient file of Australian eggs and also the donation to Recommended diet Intakes (RDI) is presented in the adhering to table because that a 700 gram carton:

1 egg (52g)

Average quantity per offer (2 eggs)

Average quantity per 100g








74 Cal

148 Cal

142 Cal







Fat, total





- saturated









- sugars



0.3 g






Serving size: 104g (2 eggs)

% day-to-day Intake. Based upon an mean adult diet of 8700kJ.

How numerous Kilojoules in an Egg?

An median size egg from a 700 gram carton consists of 310 kilojoules. However, the exact variety of kilojoules depends on the dimension of the egg.

A slightly smaller egg native a 600 gram carton contains 268 kilojoules.

A slightly bigger egg from an 800 gram carton includes 352 kilojoules.

How plenty of Calories in two Eggs?

An mean serving size of 2 eggs consists of only 148 calories or 620 kilojoules – about the exact same as two apples.

How many Calories in an Egg White?

Egg white is the special cloudy clear liquid the surrounds the yolk. Relying on the dimension of the egg, the white (called albumen) account for around two-thirds of an egg’s fluid weight and also contains an ext than fifty percent the total protein.

The white of a 60 gram egg contains about 17 calories.

While the egg white is a good source the protein and also contains no fat, plenty of of the egg’s nutrients and almost half of the protein is uncovered in the yolk. Dietitians introduce eating whole eggs for the maximum nutritional benefit and recent studies show eating entirety eggs fairly than egg white skin - man promotes muscle advancement after exercise.

How plenty of Calories in a Boiled Egg?


Whether its a soft boiled egg with breakfast or featured in salads, sandwiches and curries, boiled eggs are among the healthiest and easiest ways to eat eggs.

A 60g boiled egg consists of only 74 calorie or 310 kJ.

How numerous Calories in a Poached Egg?


Who doesn"t love a perfectly poached egg? and also because they’re cooked in warm water, poached eggs are likely to contain under calories than eggs that have been scrambled or fried.

A common 60g poached egg consists of 74 calorie or 310 kJ.

How plenty of Calories in a Fried Egg?


Sunny side up? over easy?

The number of calories in fried eggs relies on the quantity and type of oil, butter or margarine (if any) that is offered in the frypan. Generally, making use of oil, butter or margarine will an outcome in a fried egg having much more calories 보다 a boiled or poached egg.

However, there room so numerous variables it is difficult to administer a definitive number of calories for a fried egg. The oil kind e.g. Olive, canola, sunflower, how refined or processed it is, just how much is used, and also how high the temperature the the oil go in the cooking process can all influence the health and wellness benefits that fried eggs.

How countless Calories in Scrambled Eggs?


Scrambled eggs are among the easiest and tastiest dishes come make but they are likely to contain much more calories than boiled or poached eggs as recipes typically call on milk and also butter.

As v fried eggs, the is difficult to to speak how countless extra calorie it adds since it counts on the lot and type of milk that is added to the to win eggs and how much butter or oil (if any) is added to the pan.

People counting calorie as part of a strictly diet may be much better to eat boiled or poached eggs the contain under calories. However, over there is no factor to stop scrambled egg either as the calories deserve to be controlled by the form and quantity of ingredient you add. To store the calorie contents low, use a little amount of reduced-fat milk as soon as mixing the eggs and cook using simply a little amount that oil or butter in the pan.

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