Whether you are a twice-a-year plinker or an avid hunter who’s firing tools eincredibly single weekend, you have one thing in common: the require for ammunition. Determining your budget and your demands is vital before purchasing ammunition, no matter the caliber, and component of that is having some familiarity through how the ammunition is sold.

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Across all kinds of ammo, tright here are generally 20 rounds in a box for the bigger calibers and also 50 rounds for the smaller ones. Tright here are typically 20 to 25 boxes per instance. The exception is the .22LR has actually 100 boxes per situation and also .762 has actually 50 boxes per situation. A brick is practically constantly a team of 10 boxes.

Of course, the number of rounds of ammunition in a box varies according to caliber. Below is a quick list of the the majority of prevalent types of ammo. I will provide an extra thorough chart later in the write-up.

Number of rounds per box and also situation for prevalent ammo types:

.22LR: 50 rounds per box, 100 boxes per case9mm: 50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case5.56: 20 rounds per box, 25 boxes per case.308: 20 rounds per box, 25 boxes per case.223: 20 rounds per box, 25 boxes per case12 ga: 25 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case.762: 20 rounds per box, 50 boxes per case

But knowing the caliber of weapon you are planning to put cartridges in is the just starting place. In this write-up, you will learn that sometimes, according to different manufacturers, the count in a box may not be the very same for eextremely brand also of the caliber you require.

I will make some assumptions and also some blanket statements, and wright here tright here are glaring discrepancies, they’ll be pointed out. Otherwise, this web page must be the beginning of your research study, not the be-all and also end-all.

How Many Rounds of Ammo Are in a Box?

If you’re shopping for ammunition for your 9mm pistol, you will certainly practically always find it packaged in boxes of 50 rounds. As this is a very famous caliber and a significant number of manufacturers create their very own brand also of 9mm cartridge, they all seem to have settled on a uniform number. However before, there are arrays of counts in various other calibers.

Like the 12-gauge shotgun shell, larger ammo units mostly come packaged in boxes of 20, yet you deserve to discover them in 25 and also even 40-packs. Still bigger ones choose the .30-06 commonly come in amounts of 20 or 50.

What if I Need More Than a Box?

When we acquire right into larger amounts, we speak considering boxes and pay attention to bricks, flats, and also cases. These terms have their logic, but not everyone will be on the exact same page without certain indevelopment.

Boxes – Depfinishing on the size of the ammunition, there will certainly be from 20 to 50 or so rounds per box. This is what you uncover on the shelf in sporting products stores or basic merchandise areas.Bricks – A brick of ammunition is almost always a group of ten boxes. Once you speak buying by the box and also start with bricks or even more, you start to obtain some mass pricing discounts. A ten-box brick is shaped choose an actual brick, for this reason the name.Cases – A case of ammunition includes all over in between 20 and 50 boxes of ammunition. In a case (and with flats and also blocks), you are buying multiple devices of the exact same brand also and caliber. If you uncover a case through multiple calibers, you are looking at somepoint someone has put together for a promovement or a personal sale.

The rounds-per-box and boxes-per-situation figures are very seldom unidevelop across all manufacturers, yet below is a chart of basic averperiods. Exceptions have the right to be uncovered for eextremely single number in the chart, yet wbelow a number appears, it is a number that has actually recurred regularly in the research.

CaliberRounds per boxBoxes per case
.223 Rem2025
12 ga2520
.38 Special5020
.30-3020varies widely
7mm20varies widely
.40SW20varies widely

The Right Choices for Your Ammo Budget

Most people—affluent or poor—pay attention to expenses, and also as soon as you’re talking around ammunition, this deserve to be an even bigger consideration than normal because you might be procuring huge quantities. Finding the right amount of rounds at the best price is a task that have the right to take some time. While brands have actually different models, listed below is a general idea of prices for some of the even more renowned calibers.


Monarch$15.99 for 50 rounds$159.99 for 800 rounds
Remington$17.49 for 50 rounds$349.99 for 1,000 rounds
Federal$24.99 for 20 rounds$174.99 for 500 rounds


Remington$11.99 for 100 rounds$99.99 for 1,400 rounds
CCI$8.99 for 50 rounds$399.99 for 5,000 rounds
Aguila$7.99 for 50 rounds$40.49 for 500 rounds


CCI$32.99 for 20 shells$579.99 for 1,000 rounds
Winchester$48.95 for 50 rounds$183.76 for 500 rounds
Amerideserve to Eagle$29.99 for 50 rounds$589.99 for 1,000 rounds


Federal$23.99 for 20 rounds239.90 for 200 rounds
Remington$21.99 for 20 rounds219.90 for 200 rounds
Winchester$26.99 for 20 rounds181.49 for 100 rounds

How To Properly Store Your Ammunition


Once you’ve bought your ammunition, if you’re not planning on shooting all in one session, or if you’re laying up provides, you may must look into storage options. The easiest solution is to leave your ammo in the box, case, or brick in which you bought it. But some want to fire thousands of shots at the range and also don’t desire to have to sheight every 20 or so shots to unwrap and also open up a box.

Plastic Containers

Gun accessory manufacturers sell numerous kinds of instances to organize miscellaneous sizes and also amounts of cartridges. Trays like my recommended one (Amazon listing) are dedicated to holding the ammo as you put it together at your reloading terminal.

Cases are easily accessible, as well, such as this one, which supplies a locking lid. This would be a good option for transporting to the gun variety (the trays would be more prone to spilling).

Metal Ammo Can

Many kind of gun owners have co-opted ammunition cans which the armed forces offers to store incredibly big bulallows. Specifically, the .50-caliber and also .30-caliber ammo cans are rather famous, and actual armed forces boxes have the right to be purchased at army excess stores. Tbelow are many kind of models in all sorts of configurations in brand-new problems, such as this quality one that I recommend, is accessible in more than one dimension.

Stockpiling Ammunition

Having boxes, cases, or ammo cans allows you to save your ammunition, which is great given that ammunition that is appropriately stored must reprimary useful for years. However, tbelow do seem to be recurring inquiries around how much ammunition gun owners deserve to have actually.

Stockpiling is something many type of human being carry out regularly, whether it’s for hunting or preparing for the end times. People also lay up ammunition stores due to the supply shortages that seem to come and also go pretty on a regular basis. In the wake of COVID-19, ammunition came to be very hard to acquire, so primarily, once civilization discovered bulallows, they bought all they might.

When it pertains to having actually ammunition on hand, the prevailing wisdom appears to be that you need to save a minimum of 1,000 rounds per weapon you have actually. Multiple calibers and also multiple tools expect more bullets, so this practice have the right to obtain expensive. Many world take on the method of picking up a few boxes every time they go to the sporting goods save quite than trying to buy 19,000 rounds on a Saturday afternoon.


Purchasing ammunition is a crucial part of gun ownership and usage. If you and your extended family members setup on spending every one of Thanksoffering shooting targets, cans, and rodents, you need even more than a box or two considering that a box will certainly not have more than 50 rounds in it.

Buying a instance of rounds will certainly gain you 1,000 or so rounds, incur reduced per-unit costs, and market storage solutions if you’re not planning on using it as a whole. The great news is that there are ammunition amounts available for almost eextremely gun owner, no issue their shooting schedule.

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