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Water heater under size breaker?

by RICHARD TAN top top Fri jan 30, 2009 4:45 pm

Re: Water heater under dimension breaker?

by Jerry Peck - Codeman top top Fri january 30, 2009 9:53 pm

Hi Richard,A 50 gallon water heater on a 20 amp breaker?Most 50 amp water heater will come v 4500 watt elements. Top top a 240 volt circuit the is 4500 / 240 = 18.75 amps, so, no, that will not pilgrimage a 20 amp breakers, however, it will certainly be operating the breaker practically 95% that its 20 ampacity rating and most breakers are not rated for that. Typically, the circuit and also breaker will be suited for use at approximately 80% of the ampacity rating, meaning a 20 amp breaker will be an ideal for 16 amps.Another inquiry becomes the size of the circuit, if the circuit is a #12 AWG copper, with a 20 ampacity rating, that also should be restricted to 80% of its 20 ampacity rating, definition the circuit conductors, *IF* #12 AWG copper, would certainly be rated because that 20 amps also.*IF* the conductor size is #10 AWG, v a 30 amp rating, then the circuit becomes an ideal for instead of the breaker with a 30 amp rated breaker to match the circuit rating.Without understanding the circuit rating, the answer may be as straightforward as replacing the breaker, however maybe no - not if the circuit conductors are #12 AWG copper.Another option, though, is found when reviewing the Rheem specification sheet: : http://waterheating.rheem.com/content/r ... Arrior.pdf , as Rheem offers those 50 gallon water heaters through 3500 watt elements. A 50 gallon water heater v 3500 watt facets can use a smaller sized circuit and breaker size, but they additionally will not carry out the same amount of warm water no one the recovery time the inhabitants may be supplied to. Sure, they have a 50 gallon water heater, however what heats that ... A match? just kidding.Rheem"s specification sheet shows the 3500 watt element 50 gallon water heater has a 10% less first hour rating, yet has practically a 25% reduced recovery rating.*IF* the elements in that 50 gallon water heater were just 3500 watts, climate on a 240 volt circuit girlfriend would have 3500 / 240 = 14.6 amps, i beg your pardon is in ~ the 16 amps that the 80% rating of both a #12 AWG copper circuit, rating the 20 amps, and the 20 amp rated breaker.When reviewing the Rheem environment instructions: : http://waterheating.rheem.com/content/r ... OrElec.pdf , page 9, has actually a chart because that the different circuits and also overcurrent security specified for the different aspect sizes. -> The 3500 watt element is shown using a minimum 20 amp rated circuit (#12 AWG copper shown) for a 240 volt circuit through a 20 amp overcurrent an equipment (breaker). -> The 4500 watt facet is displayed using a minimum 30 amp rated circuit (#10 AWG copper shown) for a 240 volt circuit v a 25 amp overcurrent device (breaker). At very first glance one can think this is "specifying" a 25 amp breaker maximum, however, the table through this information in that starts out stating "This overview recommends minimum branch circuit sizing and wire size based on the National electrical Code.", which way that installing the allowable 30 amp rated breaker on the #10 AWG copper circuit is agree not just to the code, however to this manufacturer"s surroundings instructions.Now come the code which references exactly how to install water heaters. Because you space in Florida, the referral is indigenous the 2004 Florida structure Code, Residential, v 2006 Revisions.(underlining, bold, and red text are mine) - P2801.2 Installation. - - Water heaters chandelier be set up in accordance through this chapter and also Chapters 20 and 24.(from chapter 20, see over reference come this chapter) - M2005.1 General. - - Water heaters candlestick be set up in accordance v the manufacturer’s surroundings instructions and the demands of this code. Water heaters installed in one attic candlestick conform to the demands of section M1305.1.3. Gas-fired water heaters chandelier conform come the demands in thing 24. Residential electric water heaters shall conform to UL 174 or UL 1453. Commercial electrical water heaters shall conform to UL 1453. Oiled-fired water heaters shall conform come UL 732.Codeman
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