If whenever girlfriend think around mac and cheese Velveeta immediately comes come mind, friend surely know all around how to store it and how long does the last.

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But if you’re utilizing Velveeta only occasionally, or probably you’ve simply bought her very very first package, you can not be acquainted with those basics.

Velveeta isn’t “real” cheese, however a “recipe cheese product,” or a “processed cheese product.” and besides the naming, which because that some might seem only as a technical detail, there room some differences between Velveeta and “normal” cheeses worth understanding about. And also this write-up is exactly about those differences.

If your experience with Velveeta cheese is limited, and also you’d choose to learn a bit around signs the spoilage, techniques of storage, and also its shelf life, continue reading.

And because that the record, I’m walk to refer to Velveeta as cheese because that the rest of the write-up simply because everyone rather does exactly the same. Add to it would certainly be sort of aer to contact it a “recipe cheese product” each time.

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Can Velveeta Cheese go Bad? exactly how To call If Velveeta Is Bad?

While Velveeta is definitely more processed than your common cheese, prefer Brie or Blue cheese, the won’t critical forever and also will go poor eventually.

When it comes to signs of spoilage, salary close attention to that is color and also texture. Fresh Velveeta is yellow and soft to the touch. Any type of noticeable transforms in either of these features suggest it’s previous its prime, specifically if it’s already past its date.

Heavily (compared to continuous cheese) processed foods items such together Velveeta rarely go moldy, however if that happens, it’s clear time for it to go.

If its odor or flavor changes for the worse, you need to discard it too.

One thing to note is that the cheese could start to dry out gradually if it’s no well wrapped after opening. If that’s the case, you can discard the dried component or usage it favor you typically would.

If you’re going come melt it one of two people way, the won’t make that lot of a difference.

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How lengthy Does Velveeta Cheese Last?

This one is at sight straightforward.

When it involves the shelf life of unopened Velveeta cheese, it’s usually about 6 months from the packaging date. Together usual, it’s finest to go with the “best-by” day on the label.

Of course, it’s a handle food with added preservatives, so it will most most likely last past that date.

How lengthy past the “best by” date, girlfriend ask? It’s difficult to tell, but my finest guess would be around a month in ~ least. If it’s previous its date, simply open the package and examine the quality of what’s inside.

If friend aren’t 100% certain it’s okay, err on the next of caution and discard it.

Once you open up the package, the Kraft Foods’ product keeps top quality for about 8 weeks (). The info is easily obtainable on the package, so check yours in instance anything changed. Add to it might be slightly different for various other Velveeta products, for this reason it’s constantly worth consulting the label.

Of course, if you’ve opened the package near or ~ the date on the label, friend shouldn’t mean the best quality for such a long time. Nevertheless, it’s a processed product, therefore it’s not favor it’s walk to completely degrade overnight.

In various other words, use it for as long as you find the quality great enough.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the last piece of the puzzle, and also that is save Velveeta.

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How To save Velveeta? perform You have to Refrigerate It?

Unlike most dairy products (except powdered milk, evaporated milk, or condensed milk), girlfriend don’t need to refrigerate an unopened package of Velveeta.

It’s shelf-stable, and also that’s why you can discover it in the supermarket ~ above the shelves and also not in the fridges. Just make certain it doesn’t sit near any type of heat sources, and you’re golden.

After opening the package, make sure you refrigerate the cheese and also wrap it appropriately each time. This means it won’t dried out and also will stay in top-notch high quality for a lengthy time.

If girlfriend can’t sheathe it utilizing its initial packaging, usage a freezer bag instead.

Does open Velveeta go bad if not refrigerated, friend ask? i didn’t test that and also don’t intend to, but I would say no. It’d most likely degrade in quality lot faster, though.

So if you’re walk to use the whole package in ~ a couple of days, you can probably gain away with skipping the fridge whatsoever.

Again, ns didn’t check that, and you carry out it in ~ your own risk. Together in almost all cases, ns recommend the exact same storage technique the producer does.

Last yet not least, Kraft foods doesn’t recommend freezing Velveeta (). However, if you really won’t have the ability to use it prior to it degrades, freezing might be a way out.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t it is in the very first person to frozen Velveeta, either. Simply seal it fine in a freezer bag and thaw overnight in the fridge. The shouldn’t do that lot of a distinction in her mac and also cheese when it’s every melted together.

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Store Velveeta at room temperature away from heat, refrigerate ~ opening.Velveeta lasts about 6 month (observe the date on the label) unopened and about 8 weeks after opening.This cheese product rarely gets moldy, therefore in most cases, you will need to throw the out because its top quality is poor, not because it’s spoiled in the normal way.