All vehicles have a component referred to as a steering column. Its main purpose is to attach the steering wheel come the car’s chassis which consists of various steering materials that permit the front tires to revolve left or right.

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Also running through the steering obelisk is wiring for miscellaneous buttons, dials, and levers consisting of turn signals, cruise control, windshield wipers, radio controls, and also the ignition switch which room all an installed to either the steering wheel or tower itself.

Some dare may also have the gear selector mounted on the next or even manual paddle shifters. Every these controls are connected to the vehicle’s ECU (or ECM).

Steering tower History

The steering shaft was progressively improved throughout the 1950s, which was thought about to be the golden e of automobile designs in the unified States. By the finish of the decade, the steering column ended up being a crucial component of most vehicles.

It became an ext than simply something for steering the car. The steering shaft would now allow drivers to obtain in and get out of their automobile by swinging out of the way on some models.

Other choices such as flexible tilt and also telescopic features were later presented which enabled a much more comfortable driving position for various drivers.

While a steering pillar will usually never ever have problems to the suggest of needing replacement, there room rare situations when steering obelisk replacement is necessary.

Steering column Replacement Cost

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WHERE you take your vehicle (independent repair shop, dealership, etc.) in addition to the make and model the your auto will it is in the deciding determinants in how much the replacement of her steering pillar is going come cost.

On average, you have the right to expect to salary anywhere in between $500 and also $1,500 for the complete replacement task at many auto fix shops. Mean at least twin that if having actually a dealership carry out the job.

While it’s possible to replace a steering obelisk yourself, it’s taken into consideration a an ext advanced job so great mechanical endure is recommended.

In the case, you deserve to purchase a used steering obelisk for under $100 in many situations on eBay or an online social media marketplace (or $200 come $500 because that a brand-new unit) and spend part time ~ above the replacement. The more recent the vehicle and the an ext features and technology it has, the more daunting the replacement procedure would be.

For the majority of automobile owners, rental a experienced mechanic to change your steering column is a must. Don’t think that just since you readjust your very own oil or spark plugs the you’re standard to readjust out a steering column.

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For a project such together this, it’s a great idea to gain at the very least 2 or 3 price quotes from regional mechanics. You’ll uncover their estimates can vary by thousands of dollars. The said, this is a project for a great mechanic, no the cheapest mechanic since the component straight affects the safety and security of the driver and passengers.