The Bible, the spiritual text that billions the Jews and also Christians about the world, and the Quran, the spiritual text the the world"s roughly 2 exchange rate Muslims (per World populace Review), share number of similarities. Both are sacred texts the Abrahamic religions, because that example; similarly, both save a mix that history, doctrine, prophecy, and also other literary forms.

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However, over there are differences as well, and not just in doctrine. For example, the holy bible covers hundreds of years, if the Quran, according to Al Islam, to be dictated through Allah come Mohammed end the course of a pair of decades. Similarly, when the holy bible purports to have been written by a couple dozen men, the authorship that the Quran is ascribed come one man: Mohammed. Choose the Bible, the Quran is divided into chapters and verses. The initial text was created in Arabic.

The books are additionally considerably various in size. As a spiritual text, the holy bible is a fairly thick one, comes in at 800,000 words, depending on which English translate in you"re using, according to word Counter, making the a third longer 보다 "War and Peace." The Koran, by comparison, is only roughly 77,000 words, according to the website Study – additionally depending top top the translate in you"re using. If you were to set out to check out it, that means that, if you committed to it, you can finish it in an afternoon.

Determining just how long it takes to read any kind of text, even if it is the scriptures or the Koran, is, at its core, a an easy matter of arithmetic. Plugin the size of the text, division by the average number of words every minute a reader deserve to be supposed to read, madness a few keys top top the calculator, and you have your answer, expressed in minutes. A little bit more department and you can have the expressed in hours, days, years, or whatever works because that you. Of course, mathematics doesn"t account for the need for a person reader to take it breaks, or probably reread a ar that didn"t completely register, or the various other variables the life. There"s likewise a difference in between reading and also studying, too, so keep that in mind.

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Nevertheless, mathematically speaking, the size of the Quran (77,000 words), split by 200 words per minute (the mean reading rate of an adult analysis in English, every Iris Reading), method that the publication can be finished in 385 minutes, or around six-and-a-half hours. Therefore, the median reader could start analysis the Quran after ~ lunch and have it perfect by supper.