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Many a cloud of device euphoria dies instantly as soon as the brand-new owner realizes the the device must sit in a battery charger and also juice up before any fun can happen.

Out the the box, the iPod may have sufficient juice to turn itself on and also get you hooked on turn the role wheel. But you’ll still need to charge the iPod before you use it because that the very first time.

If your Mac or PC has powered FireWire or USB 2.0 jacks, you deserve to charge up the iPod simply by plugging it into your computer. (For FireWire, “powered” usually way the fatter 6-pin FireWire connector, not the tiny 4-pin connectors uncovered on numerous Windows machines. Because that USB 2.0, you need a powered jack prefer those top top the ago of the computer, or top top a it is provided USB hub—not, for example, the unpowered jack in ~ the end of a keyboard.) The battery dues as lengthy as the computer system is on and also not in Sleep mode.

It takes around four hours to completely charge her iPod. Note, however, that it gets around 80 percent fee after 2 hrs (Minis only take about an hour to obtain the 80-percent power rush). If you just can’t wait to unplug it and also go racing out to present your friends, you can start to usage it after a couple hours. The iPod Photo, however, takes around five hrs to totally charge. It access time the 80-percent powered mark after around three hours of fee time.

During the charging process, you might see one of two people the “Do no Disconnect” article (if the iPod is also sucking down music from her computer), the “OK come Disconnect” blog post (if the done v that), or the main menu for a few minutes before the charging battery graphic takes end (if the a 2003-or-later model). The iPod will also warn you not to disconnect the if you’ve collection it up to occupational as an exterior hard drive, however we’ll obtain to that organization in thing 12.

part iPods come v a cool accessory: the iPod dock. The dock, shown in figure 1-4, is a plastic stand through a narrow 30-pin dock connection and also stereo lineout jacks built into the back. To fee up the iPod, you have the right to either plug in the level FireWire or USB 2.0 cable right right into the bottom the the player, or plug the cable right into the small port for it ~ above the earlier of the dock.

Once the dock is plugged right into the computer, place the iPod upright onto the steel connector in the bottom that the dock to begin charging it. The iPod trills the end a tiny tweet of delight when it makes contact, and also you check out the man “charging battery” icon.

You can likewise charge the battery through plugging the iPod’s FireWire cable into the boxy white AC power adapter that comes with it (Figure 1-5). Through the iPod rotate off, a larger version of the animated charging battery icon shows up in the middle of the screen. Since it has the extra high-end of a color screen, the iPod Photo screens a eco-friendly battery icon. The 2005 Minis don’t encompass the AC adapter.


Figure 1-4. The iPod dock enables for upright charging and a far better view of the iPod’s screen, no to cite a healthy flow of air about that toasty tiny battery as it charges. If your iPod no come through the dock, you can buy one individually on Apple’s internet site because that $40. (Alas, the dock no fit 2001 or 2002 iPod models. Over there is one obtainable for the iPod Mini, though.) The dock for the iPod Photo likewise has an S-video harbor for tethering her iPod to her TV.


Even when completely charged, the battery in one “off” iPod progressively drains after ~ 14 to 28 days. If, for some inconceivable reason, girlfriend haven’t offered your iPod in a month or more, you need to recharge it, even if girlfriend left it completely charged the last time you used it.


Figure 1-5. The FireWire cable that comes through the iPod plugs right into the finish of the AC power adapter. Flip the end the electrical prongs tucked into the adapter’s end, and also then plug it into a regular wall socket. Operation the FireWire cable between the AC adapter and also the iPod’s FireWire port (or charging dock).Inset: The iPod renders it graphically clear the you’re charging that is battery–just in case you were wondering. If you have an iPod Photo, you can see this graphic in a soothing eco-friendly color.

GEM IN THE ROUGHProngs throughout the World

The iPod’s AC strength adapter deserve to handle electric currents between 100 volts and also 240 volts at frequencies that 50 and also 60 hertz. Put an additional way, it works not only with the voltage in north America, but additionally in countless parts of Europe and Asia.

But back the iPod adapter automatically converts the voltage of an international outlets, that doesn’t transform the prongs the the world’s various outlets: ring prongs, flat ones, prongs in pairs, prongs in threes, and so on.

The Apple store sells a civilization Traveler Adapter Kit because that the iPod: six plugs the snap ~ above the end of the iPod’s AC adapter to it is adapted its prongs for electrical outlets in the unified Kingdom, continent Europe, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, and other parts of north America. The human being Traveler Adapter Kit costs about $40 at Apple’s web site and stores.

The battery icon on the iPod’s display shows the approximate amount that gas left in the tank. When the iPod is associated to the computer, the battery symbol in the top-right edge displays a charging animation, complete with tiny lightning bolt.

The iPod uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Battery life depends on which variation of the iPod you have.

POWER USERS’ CLINICMaximizing your Battery’s Potential

Battery life varies. Who inclined to settle into a lengthy playlist and let the iPod walk without interruption will certainly enjoy much more time between electricity refills 보다 an iPodder that constantly jumps approximately to various songs and also fiddles v controls.

Apple has several recommendations, both environmental and also behavioral, for gaining the most out that the battery. Because that example, as far better power administration is a perpetual goal, the company recommends constantly having the latest version of the iPod software program installed.

while the iPod have the right to operate without occurrence in temperatures in between 50 and 95 levels Fahrenheit, the iPod (like many people) works finest at room temperature–around 68° F. An iPod left out in a cold auto all night, because that example, needs to heat up come room temperature prior to you play it; otherwise, that may have trouble waking up from sleep mode. It additionally may existing the short Battery icon onscreen. (If this wake up to you, wait till the iPod warms up, climate plug it right into its power adapter and reset that by pushing the Menu and also Select buttons on all click wheel iPods–or Menu and

buttons on enlarge iPods–until the Apple logo appears.)

Using the organize switch (page 5) deserve to make certain that a sleeping iPod doesn’t acquire turned on, and therefore run its battery down, through an accidental bump or nudge when in a purse or pocket. Pausing the iPod when you’re not listening to it is a great way to conserve power, specifically if you have tendency to gain distracted and forget the the player is set to repeat songs and playlists over and over.

Jumping roughly the iPod’s music library v the

buttons can likewise burn under the battery sooner fairly than later. Favor a laptop, the iPod shop its data ~ above a tiny difficult drive, and hard drives have the right to be power hogs. To conserve power, the iPod allows its tough drive avoid spinning as often as possible–by play upcoming music native a integrated memory chip. Pushing the iPod’s buttons to adjust songs forces the iPod to start its difficult drive rotate again, which needs energy.

The iPod’s storage cache works best with song records that are smaller sized than 9 MB. That’s plenty because that songs in the MP3 or AAC layouts (Chapter 4). Yet if you listening to AIFF tracks you replicated straight native the CD without compression (you know who girlfriend are), the larger document sizes may overload the cache, and your battery i will not ~ last together long.

That backlight, if illuminating, is likewise a power drain. Use the irradiate sparingly for far better battery life.

What around the iPod’s charge once you’re not using it? turns out that it quiet sips juice even when that turned off. In fourteen job (or much sooner), the battery will empty itself completely. In short, law the iPod as you would a pet snake: offer it a large meal every couple of days.

If you let a 2001 or 2002 iPod play all night, you deserve to get about 12 hrs per charge. Yet if you like most normal human being who turn it on and off, tinker through settings, skip roughly playlists, and turn top top the backlight, eight hrs is a much more likely average.

The 2003-and-later iPod is smaller than the ahead models, for this reason it contains a smaller sized battery; exact same goes for the iPod Mini. Apple approximates that these models have a battery life of as much as eight hours. The 2004 iPods and Minis, on the various other hand, have actually an estimated battery life of 12 to 18 hours, and also the iPod picture promises a chuck 15 hrs of play time because that music—but only 5 hrs if she constantly running photo slideshows add by your music. Again, you deserve to expect shorter life in the real civilization (see the box on web page 12 for more details). If your iPod is conking out too soon, contact Apple support by phone or Web.

Originally, Apple do the iPod without a replaceable battery, at the very least until it challenged a spate of power cells with early deaths (and owner complaints). Apple currently offers a $99 battery replacement program and also a special AppleCare warranty just for iPods.


If you don’t mind voiding your iPod’s warranty–or if it’s already expired–and she up for a little manual labor, you can pry the situation open and also replace the battery yourself (page 319).

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