Recently, we had actually a customer that filled out our Ask an Expert kind and asked, “Once the device is filled with Freon, exactly how long could the Freon last? Forever so lengthy as there room no an ext leaks? are leaks inevitable?”

For context, this customer’s parents had actually a slow refrigerant leak in their AC system.

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These are good questions. Therefore we wanted to re-superstructure the answers through everyone.

“How lengthy does Freon last?”

Freon (which is really just a details brand of refrigerant) big forever. It’s not choose gas in car; it does not gain “used up.”

You see, your air conditioner’s refrigerant system is a “closed/sealed system,” meaning that the does not enable refrigerant come escape in any way.

Of course, if you are low top top refrigerant her system has a leak. So adding refrigerant without addressing the leak wastes money. A ton of it.

R-22 refrigerant (a typical refrigerant in larger ACs) is expensive due to the fact that it’s being phased the end by the EPA. Adding 7 lbs the Freon might easily cost you $700.

So, the leads come the following question.

“Are Freon leaks inevitable?”

Yes. Period eventually take away its toy fee on an wait conditioner, for this reason you can say a refrigerant leak is inevitable. Refrigerant circulates under high pressure and therefore wears down and also thins the within of the tubing.A much better question is, “What have the right to I carry out to avoid refrigerant leaks?”

Your score is to stop refrigerant leaks and, when you do gain them, nip lock in the bud prior to they get too large. The bigger the leak, the more refrigerant you lose.

How to prevent refrigerant leaks

Keep your dog away from the exterior AC unitDog urine is acidic and can eat with the refrigerant coils. So save your pooch away. Alternately, you could add a tiny fence approximately the unit. Yet make sure you leave at least 2 feet the space totally free around the AC for this reason it deserve to cool your residence properly.

Get experienced AC maintenance when a yearMany leaks occur because of vibration and wear and also tear in ~ multiple joints in the system. Annual air conditioner maintenance can record any feasible leak problems prior to they come to be expensive disasters.

See what a professional AC maintain visit need to look like according come ENERGYSTAR.

Need maintenance or a repair? got a question?

We love hearing from our next-door neighbors in the subway Atlanta area. Therefore if friend have any questions, ask among our experts for help.

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Also, if girlfriend think your AC is low on Freon, or you just want to prevent a Freon leak, call us for help. (P.S.: You’ll save 10% on any type of repairs through scheduling online!)

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