It is a common mistake to placed too lot algaecide in a pool. Once pool owners check out that green, yellow, or brown slime infesting their pristine pool water, they frequently panic. This results in over-application of algaecide. Sometimes the amount necessary is miscalculated and also added. Either way, the an outcome is the same.

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Too lot algaecide in a pool outcomes in water the is full of tiny foaming bubbles which can damage the filtration system. Too lot algaecide can also cause eye and skin irritation. That is encourage to continue to be out of the water till the algaecide concentration dissipates.

Although adding lots that algaecide is a common and also understandable reaction to the expansion of algae in the pool, the is an avoidable mistake. Algaecide is not expected for regimen treatment, and also is in-fact, not the best or most efficient method to eliminate an birds bloom.


The first thing to execute is vacuum the swimming pool manually. Ideally you must vacuum utilizing the waste setting, rather than ~ above filter. In that method the birds that is vacuumed will certainly be expelled indigenous the pool fairly than going with the filter and perhaps passing earlier into the pool.

Vacuuming deserve to take a long time, i m sorry is why countless pool owners resort to algaecide first. Robotic pool vacuums are not sufficiently durable to detach birds growths from swimming pool surfaces. To obtain it excellent right, the swimming pool owner needs to take it a couple of hours and get it done by hand.

Brush or scrape down all the sides of the pool, paying one-of-a-kind attention come the ladder, roughly filter boxes and water inlets. Look because that cracks and also crevices whereby algae have the right to hide out and bloom later.

Vacuum all areas of the pool, paying distinct attention to shady areas and discolored locations where the birds is clearly taking hold.


When the entire pool and also all tools has been completely vacuumed and brushed, the is time to apply pool shock, according to the package directions.

You may need to use as much as 4 times the quantity of chlorine come shock the pool. Also, since sunlight dissipates chlorine quickly, constantly shock in the night or overnight to get the full effect of the chlorine disinfectant.

Finally, after chlorine shocking the pool, enable the filter to run continuously for at least 8 hrs or till the water is clear. Be certain to clean the filter through a sanitizing cleanser. Unsanitized filter systems have the right to be the culprit of repeat birds blooms.

Check water levels and add balancing chemicals as needed. Lock are likely to be way out the balance ~ the algae bloom and subsequent treatments.


Pool property is a most fun, however it is undoubtedly a the majority of work. The is ideal to save up on the chemicals, and also ensure the the water is receiving enough chlorine at every times. This stays clear of the trouble of big algae blooms. However, every pool owner is bound to endure this trouble from time to time.

The ideal solution is constantly to clean the birds up thoroughly and start over. This is a lot of work, yet results in a usable, sparkling pool lot sooner. Making use of a huge amount that algaecide will further exacerbate the problem, and also ultimately cause more work because that the pool owner.

My optimal 3 pool cleaning tools

These space the swimming pool cleaning tools I have discovered the many useful because I have had actually my pool.

Step and also corner vacuum brush

This is a really beneficial tool for acquiring into the locations that a conventional vacuum head simply cannot reach. Aquatix pro Pool step & edge Vacuum Brush

Leaf rake net

If, choose me, you acquire plenty of pipeline at the bottom ~ above your pool then a great leaf rake/net is a must. The Stargoods pool Skimmer network gets under the leaves easily.

Robotic pool cleaner

These are quite expensive and it to be a number of years prior to I little bit the bullet and bought one. I have never regret it. The Dolphin Nautilus CC add to is the most recommended swimming pool cleaning robot on every one of the pool forums. It not only cleans the bottom that the swimming pool but also the sides and the waterline.

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Algaecide should be supplied to protect against algae growing, no to eliminate an birds infestation. If you add it to a pool to try and kill the birds then that will more than likely not occupational at all. You need to use shock to kill the algae and also then algaecide to protect against it reoccurring.

Generally you can swim 15 to 30 minute after adding a regular amount of algaecide. If you have an birds infestation and also have added a big amount of algaecide then you shouldn’t swim until the algae has gone.