This may be the first time you are hearing that hoisin sauce, however it is a popular sauce that has actually been brought to us by the culinary people in the East.

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Hoisin isn’t like any type of other dipping sauce; this special sauce is offered for many purposes.

To put it simply, hoisin is a thick, dark brown sauce the is heavily used in Chinese cuisine. The is generally made from ingredients prefer soybeans, fennel, red chili peppers and also garlic.

Hoisin sauce is used largely for things like glazing meat, but it can also be offered for make stir fries and also as a dipping sauce.

As flexible as hoisin is as a sauce, there’s quiet a lot you might not know around it, specifically when it comes to how lengthy it can last.

That’s why we are going come look at hoisin sauce in depth and also answer the typical question, does hoisin sauce walk bad?

Does Hoisin Sauce walk Bad? just how Long go Hoisin Sauce Last?


It does not matter what type of sauce you look at. Whether it’s ketchup, hot sauce, Tabasco sauce or soybean beans sauce, castle all have actually a ideal By day stamped on them.

With that exact same logic, you have the right to expect something choose hoisin sauce come go negative eventually.

According come The Spruce Eats, the shelf life of hoisin sauce relies on the details brand that you will certainly be using. However, for the many part, her sauce might last comfortably for 3 months.

Experts state that an unopened bottle of oyster sauce lasts for a year past expiry. Indigenous this, we can assume hoisin sauce come last around the exact same amount the time together the 2 sauces space similar.

Looking at sources like Insider, friend will know that an opened bottle of hoisin have the right to sit in her refrigerator for over a year without spoiling.

Similarly, an opened up bottle that hoisin sauce continues to be at best quality between 12 and also 18 months. ~ this, her sauce may or might not have actually the exact same quality, also if the does no spoil or go bad.

How come Tell If Hoisin Sauce Is Bad? Hoisin Sauce Shelf Life!

A sauce favor hoisin might not it is in as usual to you as something favor mayo or other family condiments. It is why it can be trickier come tell if your bottle of sauce has gone bad.

One of the very first signs of spoilage is the existence of mold. This happens since of a fungus that deserve to infect your food.

Another authorize is a cake smell the happens when the sauce has gone under fermentation indigenous a yeast infection. If your sauce smells or tastes sour, this is the likely reason.

Lastly, you must look at the consistency of her sauce. If it feels rubbery, it has actually probably gone bad.

This can happen since it has lost most of the water content and also become dehydrated as a result.


By now, you have just learned just how long that takes hoisin sauce come spoil and what it looks like as soon as it does.

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You can now walk out and buy the sauce, safe through the knowledge that friend will have the ability to tell once it happens to walk bad.