Nothing beats fresh guacamole since it is healthy, light, and tasty. The trouble is the it always seems for this reason delicate and tends to rotate brown really fast. Ns have often wondered how long it will last and also the best means storage method. So, i did some research and decided to share mine answer here.

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Unopened guacamole bought native a store will last for as much as 2 weeks. Once opened, that will just last for 2 days. When frozen, homemade guacamole can last 4 months and store-bought guacamole 8 months. Browning does no necessarily median guacamole is bad, yet if that smells off, it is best to throw it out.

The rest of the write-up will explore how long guacamole big in greater detail and likewise give friend guidelines for proper storage.

Should guacamole Be Refrigerated?

After friend make agakmall or also buy that from the store, girlfriend should constantly store the in the fridge. Once in warmer temperatures, guacamole can quickly grow bacteria the could result in food poisoning if ingested.

How long Does agakmall Last in the Fridge?

Store-bought guacamole will certainly last for approximately 2 weeks previous the sell-by date when save on computer in the fridge. Homemade guacamole will last for a much shorter amount of time, usually just up to 3 or 4 days. It is necessary to keep your agakmall in a fridge that is under 40 levels Fahrenheit (4 levels Celcius), together temperatures greater than this will not adequately preserve its freshness.

How lengthy Does agakmall Last Unrefrigerated?

Guacamole is just safe to eat as much as 2 hrs out of the fridge. If it has actually been out of the refrigerator for much more than 2 hours, the is finest not to chance it. Simply dispose of it immediately. Also, at excessive heat of more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 levels Celcius), guacamole will only be safe to eat because that 1 hour.

How lengthy Does agakmall Last in the Freezer?

You have the right to freeze both homemade and also store-bought guacamole. Homemade guacamole will certainly last for as much as 4 month in the freezer, and also store-bought agakmall is usually good for as much as 8 months. However, if you have opened the store-bought guacamole, that will just last for up to 6 months.

It should be provided that freezing agakmall will many likely readjust the structure of the dip and also that it might taste in different ways to it would normally. As soon as you have actually defrosted your guacamole, friend should immediately consume it. Refreezing that is a negative idea.

How to properly Store Guacamole

If you save your guacamole in the refrigerator, that is finest to use an airtight container to maximize how long the will stay fresh and to aid prevent the from developing any type of bacteria.

Please make certain you choose one that has a silicone seal present. This will certainly ensure the it is actually an airtight container. Right here is a good one the is accessible on Amazon.


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Before putting the lid on, usage a spoon to push down on the guacamole to ensure it is pack in tight. This will eliminate oxygen pockets that can cause your guacamole to go earlier before the time. You can additionally wrap the container with plastic plunder or add some lime juice come the top of the guacamole before placing the lid to make sure it stays as fresh as feasible for as lengthy as possible.

Always ensure that your fridge is working at a temperature listed below 40 levels Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celcius), and store your agakmall further earlier in the refrigerator, not in the door, come ensure your guacamole stays chilled. A root cellar is also a an excellent place to keep it.

If you are storing your agakmall in the freezer, you can store it in an airtight container or a freezer bag. I recommend using a freezer-safe container, choose this one.

It is vital that girlfriend don’t add seasoning like cilantro, tomato, or onion till you’ve thawed your guacamole, as this have the right to make the guacamole watery during the freeze process. Ar your agakmall in the fridge for one day before freezing it, as this will help it come acclimatize come the cold and reduce the threat of freezer burn.

Can friend Make agakmall Last Longer?

You have the right to ensure that guacamole remains fresh for longer by adding half an customs of water come the top before putting the lid ~ above the container and also placing that in the refrigerator. This water will certainly act together a barrier for any type of oxygen and will assist prevent bacteria from growing.

Do not mix the water right into the guacamole. Just pour the end the water once you desire to consume it. If it has been save on computer in the refrigerator for more than 2 weeks previous the day on the packaging, you need to throw that away as you cannot be certain if the is still safe to eat.

How execute You store Guacamole From transforming Brown?

Adding a thin layer that water, lemon juice, or lime juice on peak of her guacamole before refrigerating is the best way to avoid it from transforming brown. Before you execute this, ensure that the agakmall is packed right into the container come ensure there are no oxygen bubbles, which often lead to bacteria growth, and ensure the container you room storing it in the airtight.

How perform You understand When agakmall Goes Bad?

There are a few things you can look the end for to number out whether your guacamole has gone bad:

It is starting to grow mold or watch “furry.”It has actually a strange smell.It tastes bitter or has no taste at all.

It’s vital that, need to your guacamole display any of this signs, you execute not continue eating it.

What happens If girlfriend Eat negative Guacamole?

If friend eat negative guacamole, you might fall victim tofood poisoningdue to bacteria likesalmonellathat has cultivated on it.

Food poisoning can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and also stomach cramps. If you space experiencing major symptoms, contact a medical skilled as part severe cases of food poisoning have the right to prove extremely dangerous. That is critically vital that you execute not consume bad guacamole, as it could make you very sick.

Can friend Still Eat guacamole If It turns Brown?

Guacamole turns brown as it is consisted of of avocados, and the inside of avocados rotate brown once exposed to oxygen. This is why that is crucial to load your guacamole into an airtight container so the it stays fresh.

You have the right to eat brown agakmall as that does no pose any type of health risks, but if your agakmall starts to odor odd, grow mold, or taste bitter, you should not eat it and also throw that away.

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Final Thoughts

Guacamole is great treat for any kind of occasion. Whether you want a light and healthy snack or to have it together the centerpiece in ~ your following get-together, Guac is always sure to it is in a large hit. Ns hope this short article has aided you learn how to keep it better to maximize the freshness.