It has actually been part months because I"ve turn on mine Playstation 3. Today, when I turned the on v my controllers, it didn"t work. I believed "Hey, the battery certain ran out", so i tried to charge them but they don"t it seems to be ~ to be charging in ~ all. Can it be the they"re official weight documents by now?



If her PS3 controller has actually been unplugged and also out the battery for a while, that wouldn"t have the ability to maintain it"s "sync" v your PS3.

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You will need to connect a USB cable come the PS3 and the other end to the controller for them to sync up effectively again.

The various other side that this, it"s that the batteries in the PS3 controller have actually potentially degraded come the point where they will certainly no longer host a charge. If you leaving them charging, yet they switch off immediately once being unplugged, this is likely the case.

You must still be able to play gamings with castle so lengthy as they are plugged in to the PS3, yet long hatchet it can be precious investing in a brand-new controller.

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If you space having worries charging her controller, and also you have used various usb cables, ensure the you space using the USB cable the came v the system. You will know what the looks like due to the fact that it has actually that distinctive ferrite main point on the cable.



You can additionally press the reset button on the ago of the controller with a paperclip (hold for 10 secs or so), plug in, then press the PS button. This may enable you to fee your controller.

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