You’ve found an old bag of in-shell pecans in the pantry, and also you’re not sure if they’re still great to eat or not. Deserve to pecans go bad?

Or there’s an airtight container filled v shelled pecans in the fridge. You don’t remember once you’ve placed it in there, and also you want to know if the nuts are spoiled or not.

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No matter if your pecans space shelled or not, we’ve acquired you covered. In the next couple hundred words, we’re going to talk about signs that spoilage, shelf life, and ways that storing this nuts. If that’s what you’re feather for, check out on.

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Can Pecans walk Bad? How deserve to You call If Pecans space Bad?

Like all other nuts, pecans don’t critical forever. To inspect if yours space still edible, you should do a couple of things.

First, let’s talk about in-shell pecans. If you have a bunch that those, discard ones the feel lighter 보다 the others, like they’re north inside. Exact same thing if castle rattle as soon as you shake them. It’s like with unshelled hazelnuts, if the inside appears empty, that most most likely is.

Some people additionally suggest throwing away pecans that have actually holes in your shells, yet I think it’s better to cracked them open and see what’s inside. It’s up to you how do you go around such pecans.

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Okay, we have actually the nuts shelled, and also it’s time to give them a rapid exam prior to eating. Here’s what come look for:

Weevils or any other bugs. If any got inside the shell, it goes without a doubt that you have to discard together nuts ideal after cracking.Mold, fuzz, or any signs that the nut gift rotten.Dried nutmeat. storing pecans for means too long might result in the nutmeat drying out. If it’s shriveled, it’s not necessarily unsafe come eat, but I’d suggest gaining rid of the anyway.Rancidity setting in. If her pecans taste bitter rather of sweet and buttery, you recognize they’re rancid. Exact same thing if they odor bitter or prefer old paint. Unfortunately, rancid pecans cannot be saved.

If everything seems to be okay v the nuts, however you find the odor a little bit stale, consider toasting them. Check out our write-up on walnuts to learn an ext about performing that procedure safely.

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How long Do Pecans Last

When it comes to the shelf life of pecans, it all counts on whom perform you ask around it. One point is because that sure: unshelled pecans last much longer than shelled ones and also have much looser warehouse guidelines.

If friend buy pecans prepackaged, check the day on the label, as there for sure is one. That date is a reasonably great approximation of just how long the nuts need to keep an excellent quality. That’s if girlfriend take great care that them, of course (more on that later).

If you’re buying pecans in bulk and also there’s no date, you have the right to use the adhering to approximations:

Please keep in mind that those durations are simply estimates, and also other sources could suggest slightly various periods. The most essential thing you must remember is the shelled pecans (unlike, e.g., almonds) don’t save well in ~ room temperature. Unless you recognize you’re walking to finish the package within a couple of weeks, it’s better to refrigerate them.

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How To save Pecans

As you currently know, there are three alternatives when it comes to storing pecans: pantry, refrigerator, and also freezer. Let’s cover castle one by one.

Storing pecans in the pantry is no rocket science. Both unshelled and also shelled ones need to be retained in a cool and dry place (GFP), possibly away native sunlight. As soon as it involves shelled pecans, think about using a bag or one airtight container (GFP) to slow-moving down high quality loss.

When it concerns refrigeration, you require a plastic or glass container with a lid (ILP) or a resealable bag. The will keep the nuts safe both from moisture and taking in odors native other foods items (USP).

Nuts: almond, cashew, brazil, hazelnut, peanut, pecan, pine, pistachio, macadamia

Freezing is the third option and also one that’s sometimes argued as the finest one (USP). To do it take place all you need are freezer bags or freezer-safe containers. Transfer the pecans right into the container of her choice, include a brand if friend like, and also chuck it into the freezer.

There’s no need to worry about thawing and also freezing pecans again. Refreezing the nuts multiple times doesn’t cause loss of flavor or structure (ILP).

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In a Nutshell

In-shell pecans last for fairly some time in ~ room temperature. Refrigeration and also freezing are also feasible if friend need more time.Shelled pecans keep top quality for only around two months in the pantry. Countless sources imply that refrigeration or also freezing need to be your default options for ready-to-eat pecans.Moldy, rotten, discolored, or rancid pecans space spoiled, remove them.