ECOBLAST - rechargeable signal air horn and hand pump
ECOBLAST - rechargeable signal wait horn and hand pump

Never buy one more refill - recharges through air! Meets U.S.C.G. Regulations Powerful 115 db sound No dangerous chemistry or vapors Saves girlfriend money & the environment Includes Mini Hand Pump come recharge, over and also over again For use in all species of weather (as low together 16° F or -9° C) Can it is in stored at home or outdoors

Aluminum canister:

9½"H x 2¾"D

Recharge the ECOBLAST quickly and easily v air from the includedhand pump, abicycle pump, a company station waiting pump or compressor (100 psi recommended). A continuous air horn has around 70 come 80 blasts indigenous a 12-ounce have the right to - the ECOBLAST gets hundreds of blasts over its lifetime. And when the old airhorn runs out of air, you need to throw that away as opposed come the ECOBLAST, which you merely refill through air.

Fantastic safety and survival item when boating, biking, hiking, or camping.

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The ECOBLAST refillable air horn likewise has the capacity to be used in every weather conditions. Continual air horns normally will not operate in an extremely cold temperatures.

Plus, v ECOBLAST there"s no worry about a perhaps harmful chemical escaping right into the environment... That only offers air!

Keepone on her boat, at the office in case of an emergency, or lug to a sporting occasion to get attention. Either means an ECOBLAST air horn is a an excellent investment.

Many ladies have found comfort by having an airhorn by their bedside on the nightstand because that an extra measure of security.

for boating and hiker safety lug a loud noise make airhorn. indigenous sportsman to sports fans one ECOBLAST rechargeable airhorn is simply the appropriate tool.

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Aluminum Canister - not Plastic!

ECOBLAST Dimensions:

Canister: 9½"H x 2¾"D Trumpet: 5¼"L native Canister Trumpet Horn Diameter: 2¾" pick from1 (or more)or to buy a instance of6 and save $$$

$26.95 each $156.00 situation of 6 (only $26.00 each)



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