How long ants generally liveA couple facts about ant lifestyleIf queen ants live longer than typical (worker) antsAnd last thoughts on ant lifespan

If you"ve noticed an ant infestation in or close to your home, you can be hoping the you can outlive them.

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This is a tempting thought because you wouldn"t have to invest in an exterminator or any pest regulate supplies.

Unfortunately, ants can live a long time...

...A really, really lengthy time.

There space a lot of of determinants that add to the all at once lifespan of an ant, including its varieties and roll in the colony.

Below is some helpful information to determine just how long your uninvited visitors can be continuing to be if friend don"t act soon.



Ants room insects the live in huge colonies and rely top top the mindful structure that their colony for survival.

Each colony always has a queen who controls the group"s reproduction, however some bigger ant nests have two or 3 ant queens. The bulk of ants room sterile females that serve as workers and also soldiers come build, maintain, and also protect the colony.

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Because ants are insects, their bodies are split into three segments: the head, the abdomen, and also the thorax.

They additionally have a pair that antennae on their head and large compound eyes. Soldiers can have big mandibles too for defense.

There is nobody answer to this question.

There are over 1,000 varieties of ants within north America alone, and their living space changes ~ above the ants" diet and their society structure.

Some the the most common places because that ants to live include:

In dirt piles with subterranean coloniesUnderneath sidewalk pavementIn large trees with accessibility to fungus and also honeydew

It"s likewise not unusual to discover ants life in your home or various other human buildings like restaurants.

This is due to the fact that they room attracted come the abundant food resources, i beg your pardon include accessibility to the sugars and also proteins they have to sustain a huge colony.

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There is no "one dimension fits all" answer because that the expectancy of one ant.

Each types has a different average time they have the right to live, and even the varies based on a many factors.

Below is a perform of some of the most common ant types in the unified States and also their projected lifespans as determined by entomologists and also professionals.

Ants will certainly go to ruthless measures to survive, especially for the benefits of the colony.

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Watch this queen ant enslave an additional colony to survive:

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