What to do once you’ve to buy a totality roasted chicken, quiet warm, yet dinner doesn’t start for an hour or more? also putting it in a low oven is walking to dried it the end — and also they normally don’t start out all that great. Placing it in the refrigerator requires an ext oven time to heat it earlier up, i m sorry will likewise dry that out. But is it safe to leaving them out?

Here’s what I uncovered on a forum thread:

Original question: Dinner is around 1.5 hours away. The chicken was heat when i purchased it.

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Normally, ns buy previously in the day and also just stick the in the fridge. This time, though, it appears that it would be better to try to keep it warm. I save picturing that lingering too long in the “bacteria growth” temp zone considering it won’t it is in in the fridge really long before I pull it out to start reheating.Is my reasoning off? If it’s it s okay to keep it warm, what’s the ideal temp for the oven?Answer 1: I simply leave mine ~ above the counter until dinnertime. Then I reduced it into quarters, stick it on a cookie sheet and also reheat in the cooktop at 350 F. I’ve been doing this for years and we’re every still kicking.Answer 2: It will be fine. It needs to sit the end for a minimum of 2+ hours prior to you need to worry about getting sick.Answer 3: Actually, you have actually 4 hrs in the “temperature danger zone” indigenous 40° come 140°F. If your keep keeps the chicken at or over 140°, you have actually 4 hrs after that is eliminated from the heater prior to it is thought about unsafe. These are the numbers i was taught at culinary school and also have adhered to without issue since.Reply from original poster: Thank girlfriend all really much! Dinner was delicious! 


And a skilled chef on another forum says:

Remember the the temperature danger zone is 40 come 140 F. As soon as you buy a rotisserie chicken, that is being hosted at a greater temperature 보다 that and they parcel them therefore that they shot to store them heat for a decent amount of time. Then after that, when it drops to 140, it takes time for every those small buggies come grow, get married, and also reproduce. The federal government states 4 hrs to pass with the temperature peril zone. Include that to the 45-1 hour that it will certainly take the bird come drop come 140, if left in packaging and considering the approximately room temp., and also you have a considerable time prior to it becomes a microbe bomb. The course, I most likely wouldn’t shot to large it the long yet 1-2 hours, complying with government safety standards, need to be much more than safe.

So, ns tried it. I kept two rotisserie chickens in a dead bag top top the counter, through a urgently dishtowel listed below (to protect against heatsink from my granite countertop; if you have wood or laminate counters, no need for this). I also took among those large flat insulated foil-looking bags and folded it end the optimal of the close up door chicken packages, climate clothes-pinned the peak of the tote bag shut. It satellite for around an hour and a half before dinner.

Buy a Costco rotisserie chicken, the paler the better. Chilled overnight.

Preheat cooktop to 450 degrees. In a rectangle-shaped baking pan ar sliced carrots, whole garlic cloves (still in their “sleeves”), and really thinly sliced potatoes; drizzle with olive oil and also sprinkle with Kosher salt and also fresh soil pepper: put in the oven for 10 minutes.

Place COLD chicken atop vegetables and drizzle the chicken drippings indigenous the bottom the the container over the chicken and also vegetables; ar in oven and also cook until the chicken is fresh on the outside, around 25 minutes.

The chicken will be fresh on the outside and moist inside. The garlic will certainly be roasted and also is delicious spread onto bread slices. The vegetables will have been infused through the chicken drippings.

I tried this method, v a couple of changes. I reduced the chicken up right into two whole-leg part (thigh and drumstick still attached), and the chest as one whole section. (I discarded the wings since they to be overcooked, and also put the rest of skeletal in the freezer for future chicken stock.) I put the legs and also breast end sliced carrots (didn’t have actually the various other items top top hand). Due to the fact that it to be in smaller pieces, it didn’t need almost as lot time. The skin crisped up nicely and also the dark meat to be pretty good, but the chest was dry.

I think it’s probably impossible to get moist chest meat native a rotisserie chicken uneven you eat the fresh out of the range at the store. But you can still usage this meat for recipes that lug some moisture to the party: chicken enchiladas or mayo-based chicken salad (have you tried mine orange-cranberry chicken salad?), because that example.

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