Bought a few too plenty of beets on a sale and also not sure what signs to look out for once they go bad? Don’t worry; you’re not the only human who go overboard once they watch a an excellent price on the farmer’s market.

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Or perhaps your beets currently sit in storage for a mainly or so, and you’d favor to know just how long they will certainly last.

Either way, if you’d like to learn a thing or two around storage, shelf life, and spoilage that beets, this overview is because that you.

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How To save Beets

You save raw beets (beetroots) pretty lot the same way you store various other root vegetables, choose carrots.


Cut turn off the tops before putting beetroots in storage. They draw moisture from the root and also make the veggie soft and mushy faster. If you arrangement on making use of the greens, store them separately.

The optimal place is the vegetable drawer in the fridge, in a well vented plastic bag (UM). Of course, you have the right to use a paper bag instead, and also that’s probably the best choice environment-wise.

Beets in a pot, ready for cooking
What around storing beets in ~ room temperature? That’s perfect fine, as lengthy as you setup to chef them within a pair of work of purchasing.

I usually save them in a cabinet in the kitchen, but then again, I chef them the following day ns buy them. Or the work after at most.

When it concerns cooked beets or any type of dishes that include them, keep them in one airtight container in the fridge.

Cooked and peeled beets

How lengthy Do Beets Last

Fresh beets last for about two weeks if friend refrigerate them without the greens. A pair of days much less if you leaving the greens intact.

If you’re like me, and also your veggie drawer is always full, you deserve to keep them in ~ room temperature for 3 to maybe 5 days. It relies on the temperature, for this reason if friend live in the tropics there is no air conditioning, it’s close to the lower end of the spectrum.

The periods I discussed are because that best-quality beets, the is them being fresh, firm, and also smelling earthy.

When it involves cooked beets, they’re finest for about three come maybe five days.

Beets (fresh)3 – 5 days2 weeks
Beets (cooked)3 – 5 days

Please note that the periods over are just estimates.

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How come Tell If Beets are Bad?

When it pertains to fresh beets, you need to be top top the lookout for the following:

Mold or rot. If there are any signs that either, discard the veggies.Unpleasant smell. together mentioned, fresh beets have this particular earthy smell. If it’s totally gone and also replaced by a rather off aroma, throw the veggies out.Changes in texture. fresh beets are really firm come the touch (I always check beets because that firmness once buying). As soon as they begin to acquire a little bit softer, you have to use them within a day or two, tops. If the beets are limp, mushy, or soft, it’s time for them come go.

Beet salad in containers
When check cooked beets, look for:

Mold. as soon as cooked veggies sit in the fridge for too long, they obtain moldy. If mold is present, they’re excellent for.Off smell. that doesn’t occur that often, however if the beets smell off, discard them.Prolonged storage. If cook beets sit in the fridge for much longer than 5 or 6 days, throw them out also if they seem fine.

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If cooked beets were contaminated prior to you prepped them because that refrigeration, they would certainly spoil within a day or two. Constantly check the contents of the container prior to you dig in.

Beets, brown rice, and chicken

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