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Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:28 pm
I"m curios around the peak speed of other gy6 powered buggies top top this site. I realize that some of you have geared your to climb mountains, yet please write-up anyway. Ns trying to get a feeling of which mods seems to effect top rate the many so that i make certain that I have them.
If you could, when you reply, state; her buggy, her modifications, and your top speed. Also, if you deserve to state the amount of time it takes girlfriend to reach this optimal speed it would certainly be great.
Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:55 pm
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Buggy: Carter GSX150R2Mods: 10 Gram RollersTop Speed: 38mphI don"t have acceleration time yet it"s pretty slow. Once I get my new mods done ns will write-up the brand-new info.

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_________________Carter GSX150R2-10 Gram Rollers, share Spring and Clutch, UNI Filter, bike Speedometer, Hammerhead power Exhaust, Bando Coil, Arctic Cat rear Shocks, Arvin former Shocks, bigger Battery, Kenda Max front Tires
I have actually not had a rate run to day with my current mods, however previously, v a substantial carb jetted properly, 9gram sliders damaged my top speed. 9g sliders, 1500lb spring and also a 32mm carb just yielded a 27mph top speed... I went to 12g sliders and also gained virtually 4 mph, bringing it to 31, and also then i went back to rollers and gained also more!!!! ns think ns am hitting close to 40 now... If not, the is really, yes, really close...John

Really, i was reasoning the rollers would certainly make a difference. Ns am currently hitting 43 in mine Blade v 9 gram rollers. So would you say 12 would be an excellent or should I go higher? Edit: I"m actually unsure of the specific weight that the rollers. They room either 9 or 10 gram rollers for certain though due to the fact that those are the only ones I have ordered.....

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The Dune 150 go 35-37mph (gps) in a approx. 1/4 mile strecth. The MRP clutch, $59 shaved about 70 yds and added 1-2 mph. The distinction was apparent soon together a pulled out of my driveway. ~ above the dirt, over there is a location I ride, and also one spot friend come under a 15-20" hill into 2 whoops one to the left and one come the right, as you climb the end of the valley. These whoops are staggered, so you have to slow down having actually a solid axle, rear swing arm. But the rise runs friend perpendicular to a 50" hill i m sorry you should make a hair pin revolve on to the course up the hill or walk over the side into some buggy busting terrain. The very first time iI do the efforts it through my brand-new clutch ns did a 180 degree power slide, that took took me by suprise, in an five fecal issue kinda way. I"m waitng because that my clutch because that the Joyner 250 together I type.Greg
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