Geckos are smaller lizards, however you will still want some point out on how huge your gecko is going to grow.

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Knowing the exact weight by age, you have the right to ensure her gecko is healthy and at a great weight.

Continue reading listed below to discover out about the leopard gecko growth chart, how is the development rate the a leopard gecko from flower to adult.

You can quickly identify if her leopard gecko is end or underweight, in addition to what components to take into consideration to ensure her pet has a happy and healthy life.

How to measure up a Leopard Gecko"s Weight?


Measurements must be in gramsWeigh her gecko monthly

Leopard Gecko growth Chart


Leopard gecko development chart




3 - 4.5 grams

1 month

15 - 20 grams

2 months

18 - 30 grams

4 - 6 months

25 - 60 grams

9 - 18 months

40 - 110 grams

When is a Leopard Gecko a Baby?

A leopard gecko is taken into consideration a baby as soon as they measure approximately 3 grams in weight.

When is a Leopard Gecko a Juvenile?

Juvenile leopard geckos are young geckos the measure everywhere from 3 grams come 30 grams.

Your gecko continues to be a juvenile because that ten months.

When is a Leopard Gecko totally Grown?

A leopard gecko is considered an adult once they with twelve month of age or roughly 40 grams.

They can continue growing increase to approximately 120 grams.

How long Does the Take for a leopard gecko come grow?

A leopard gecko can proceed growing because that eighteen months from birth.

Most geckos will certainly reach their fully grown weight by the time they room one and also a fifty percent years the age.

When carry out they flourish fast?

You will notice that her gecko will prosper the faster from four to 6 months the age, during this time they have the right to grow virtually thirty grams in just two months.

When carry out they stop growing?

Your leopard gecko should stop growing by the moment it reaches one and a fifty percent years of age (18 months).

What is The average weight that a complete grown leopard gecko?

Not all leopard geckos space the same, part grow more than others.

The average weight that a fully grown leopard gecko is 60 grams.

How do I understand if my leopard gecko is as well skinny?

If your leopard gecko weighs under 40 grams when fully grown, then it is taken into consideration underweight.

You will notice that the head appears bigger than the body, while the tail watch thin and also small.

How do I understand if mine leopard gecko is overweight?

Overweight leopard gecko

A leopard gecko the is overweight will have fat rolfes on the body.

The basic of the tail will certainly be thick. The tail will be as broad or even broader than the width of the head.

Overweight geckos space not unusual in captive environments.

Some breakthrough Stages

When does a Leopard Gecko first Start Shedding?

A leopard gecko will burned for the very very first time once they are in between five and also seven job of age.

From hatching, castle will shed every ten job or so and that slows come every 4 to six weeks when they with adulthood.

At What age Do Leopard Geckos start Brumation?

Brumation is a type of hibernation experienced in leopard geckos from roughly one year that age.

In the wild, they will certainly brumate during the cooler months of the year. This is a natural component of her gecko’s life cycle.

You will once your gecko is a year in age and you head into winter it might be less active, avoid eating together much and even hide for a few weeks in ~ a time.

Most geckos will likewise choose the cool side of the enclosure over the heat side during the brumation period.

When can I phone call If my Leopard Gecko is male or Female?

You should be able to start identifying her gecko’s sex by the time they reach 6 months.

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There room two telltale signs you space looking for:

Pre anal pores are found in masculine leopard geckos reflecting a V-shaped row of pores, found just in front of their vent. These pores become more prominent v age. Also though the mrs will additionally have this pores, they space not as obvious.