If you a college level soft ball pitcher looking come play at the highest possible levels, you’re most likely wondering just how your pitching speed steps up to the median college soft ball pitching speed. This will count on what department you’re do the efforts to get into, and also below we’ll acquire into the typical pitching speed you’ll need for each department of university softball. Yet first, stop answer the question: what is the average college softball pitching speed?

Average College soft ball Pitch Speed

The mean pitching rate for college football player is 58 – 65MPH, or 66 – 74 MPH for greater end averages.

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What pitching speed carry out you need for the various softball divisions?

Division 1: 63 MPH or faster.

Division 2: 58 MPH or faster.

Division 3 and NAIA: 55 MPH or faster.

Junior College: 54 MPH or faster.

If you want to inspect your own pitching speed prior to tryouts, there space some an excellent radar guns and also devices easily accessible – here is a short priced option from Bushnell the is perfect for softball pitching speeds and easy to usage from multiple areas on the sidelines or even in the stands:


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Why enhance your pitching speed?

One that the key goals of players in the college-level period group is to obtain recruited through a university coach, so the they can gain into good softball programs. If she a pitcher who desires to get recruited into the finest college soft ball programs, speed is one of the most essential factors.

Nothing will acquire a department 1 university coach’s attention more than a player who have the right to throw fast pitches, consistently. Special, if you deserve to consistently pitch at 63 MPH or faster during games, you’ll get the attention of college coaches.

As previously mentioned, the an essential is consistency, and also maintaining the high level of speed during gameplay. If you have the right to pitch prefer a rate demon during practice, yet the pressure of competitive gamings gets to you and negatively affects your ball speed, that’s a problem.

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How to boost your pitching speed

If she trying to enhance your pitching speed, the best way to perform so is by concentrating on your technique and mechanics. Girlfriend won’t start throwing much faster balls simply by swinging her arm roughly so quick that it’s nearly popping out of that is socket. Rather, you must have reliable pitching mechanics, which will naturally lug your speed up to at the very least the university average.

One of the most crucial pitching mechanics for boosting speed is leg movement. What happens to numerous pitchers is lock max-out your pitching speed due to the fact that they’ve topped the end on their arm speed and also can’t it seems to be ~ to number out what else to do in order to get their rate up. The price in most cases is boosting leg mechanics.

When do the efforts to key at high velocities, it’s important to synchronize her lower fifty percent of your body to your upper half. Walk-through drills are an excellent for teaching this invaluable skill.

Try combine this impressive three-step walk-through drill by Amanda Scarborough right into your everyday practice!

Having the ideal equipment deserve to also aid vastly boost your pitches, check out our guide on the best fastpitch softball glove for pitchers here.

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Improving your pitching rate will also come down to consistent well balanced strength training, and getting in as countless weekly pitching reps together possible. In other words, practice, practice, practice. The much more balls you pitch, the better you will become at pitching. It’s that simple. But don’t forget to save up with well balanced strength training in the gym together well.

There are also several great training aids v solid reviews that you have the right to buy to help practice pitching: