When you should ship a automobile from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina, friend need auto shipping professionals you deserve to rely on. Through our advanced network of end 14,000 open and enclosed auto transporters nationwide, we can administer you through a safe and also reliable way to ship a vehicle from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina.

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Pickup everywhere in Kentucky shipment Anywhere in north Carolina

We provide direct door-to-door auto shipping business from any kind of residential or service location in Kentucky to any location in north Carolina.


We respect her privacy and do not distribute any an individual information.

When you have to ship a automobile from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina, you need car shipping experts you can rely on. V our advanced network of over 14,000 open and enclosed auto transporters nationwide, we can administer you with a safe and also reliable means to ship a car from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina.

Pickup anywhere in Kentucky shipment Anywhere in north Carolina

We administer direct door-to-door auto shipping business from any kind of residential or service location in Kentucky to any type of location in phibìc Carolina.

7 / 10

Based on recent dispatch reports, the carrier ease of access rating from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina is 7/10.


Calculate your instant automobile shipping quote.

Getting a quote is straightforward with our digital quote form, go into your origin and also destination, pick the dates you want to ship, and book her reservation virtual or through phone!


“Roadrunner made it quick and also easy to ship my automobile from Kentucky to north Carolina. It was a very positive endure that was stress cost-free from start to finish.”

Chris J.Ironville, KY

“Just relocated to NC from Kentucky and my cousin recommended RoadRunner. Amazing customer service and also it was a very smooth and also easy process.”

Christian G.Winston-Salem, NC

“I arranged to have a car transported from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina. The car arrived top top time and in good condition - excellent automobile shipping service. ”

Gary P.Winston-Salem, NC


"I would definitely use RoadRunner Auto transport again without a doubt. Excellent in its entirety service from start to finish."


"I was able to gain a quote and also book in ~ a few minutes. Basic and convenient experience - say thanks to you RoadRunner!"

"RoadRunner offered us a same price and was may be to choose up once we needed. An extremely professional from start to finish."

"From the time of quote come the choose up of my vehicle and the shipment there to be a very great communication."

The state the Kentucky is part of the eastern south-central an ar of the U.S. Eastern Kentucky lies in the Applachian hill ranges. The phibìc of the state is tied by the Ohio river while the southern component of the state is similarly enclosed through the Mississippi river.

Kentucky is best divided into five separate regions geographically. These are the Cumberland plateau, the Bluegrass region, the PennyRoyal plateau, the Western charcoal fields and finally the Jackson purchase. Kentucky has a humid subtropical climate.

North Carolina (NC) is a southeastern state, nestled between the Appalachian Mountains and also the Atlantic Ocean. Differed landscapes prefer beaches, hills, mountains and barrier islands do North Carolina a great place to spend time outdoors. Great Smoky mountains National Park and Cherokee Indian Reservation room a couple of of the alternatives for experiencing the beauty of phibìc Carolina, which deserve to be accessed via the famed Blue Ridge Parkway.

As one of the initial thirteen colonies, NC has actually a long history and numerous flourishing and also historic cities. Charlotte is positioned in the southwestern part of the state and also holds the location of largest city in the state, if the capital, Raleigh has actually a more main location in the state, not far from Greensboro and also Chapel Hill. One of North Carolina's insurance claims to call is that its seaside city, called Kitty Hawk, was the place of the wright Brothers' very first successful it is provided flight.

Frequently request Questions

Get answer to few of the most commonly asked questions about the car shipping process.

How much does it price to delivery a vehicle from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina?

The cost of shipping a automobile from Kentucky to north Carolina depends on the type of car you are shipping and also the timeframe you intended to ship. Calculate your Kentucky to phibìc Carolina automobile shipping quote soon via our virtual quote calculator come get an exact rate for her transport.

The approximated transit time from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina is 1 - 3 days. The approximate distance for this course is roughly 500 miles. Typical carriers generally travel an average of 500 miles per day. Expedited business is also accessible for shipments that require faster delivery.

Shipping a automobile from Kentucky to phibìc Carolina v RoadRunner is as easy as 1-2-3. Action 1 - Calculate her instant auto shipping quote and select a convenient time because that pickup. Action 2 - Your car is choose up from your sepcified place in Kentucky. Step 3 - Your auto is ceded to your specified location in phibìc Carolina.

Yes, we deserve to ship vehicles that room in non-running/inoperable condition. When inoperable cars are shipped, a unique auto carrier is required that makes use that a winch i beg your pardon is associated to her car and also slowly and safely traction your car onto the carrier. Over there is secondary fee because that inpoerable vehicles since of the special equipment and extra work associated with securing the vehicle onto the transporter. Girlfriend can choose the inoperable choice on the online booking kind or educate your shipping agent if girlfriend make your reservation by phone call so that the proper arrangements can be made come accomodate a non-running vehicle.

Yes, digital tracking is obtainable to you 24 hours a day and is updated in genuine time. ~ above scheduling your shipment, girlfriend will get a distinctive booking number that will allow you to monitor the condition of your distribution online. Your tracking portal will also give girlfriend the capacity to live chat through a shipping agent that can answer any questions you might have regarding the status of her shipment.

The driver will obtain the auto transporter together close to her door as he have the right to legally and also safely get. In most cases, the driver will have the ability to pickup and deliver straight at your door. Part cities may have actually restrictions on huge trucks the prohibit them indigenous driving into residential areas. Auto transport trucks are large and need lots of room to maneuver and turn around, for this reason if accessibility to the pickup or shipment location is minimal by small streets, low-hanging tree or tight turns, the driver might ask the you fulfill at a location adjacent with a large parking lot, such together a grocery store store.

Yes, you have the right to pay the full transport cost via credit transaction card. If you desire to salary in complete online, you deserve to do for this reason at the time of booking either online or by phone through a shipping agent. V this option, you have the right to make a convenient, one-time payment v a credit or debit card. You likewise have the choice of paying a deposit v your credit transaction card and then payment the remainder of her remining balance with cash top top delivery.

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