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Amtrak is the one and also only train line which connects new York, brand-new York to Ithaca, brand-new York. However, there are 1.833333 trains per day to pick from.



Amtrak is the largest passenger railroad company in America, offering day-to-day intercity trains to numerous destinations across the contiguous unified States, as well as several urban in Canada. Every Amtrak train come equipped through comfortable seats through extra legroom, as well as several four-seat areas with tables in the middle. In addition, each car has a freshly cleaned restroom, complimentary WiFi and power outlets in ~ every seat. Over there are likewise snack bars whereby you deserve to purchase drinks or food throughout your journey. ~ above average, there space 1.833333 Amtrak trains from brand-new York to Ithaca every day, and also 1.5 trips ~ above the weekends, v prices starting from $85.

Our train partner have enforced several different policies to keep you safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. From limiting auto capacity to improving cleaning protocols and also upgrading wait filters, train carriers are committed to preserving a safe environment. Because that details ~ above what each firm is doing to ensure your fleet remains safe for travel, click here.

In addition, federal legislation requires every train passenger to stay a confront covering for the entire duration the the trip. Please make sure you are wearing a confront mask or you may not be permitted to plank the train.

you re welcome visit our COVID-19 Travel guide for much more information on all carrier policies and the latest take trip advisories authorize by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and European country.

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The street between brand-new York and also Ithaca is around 176 miles, or 283 kilometers. The typical train journey between these two cities bring away 9 hours and also 19 minutes, although the pure fastest you could get over there is 7 hours and also 55 minutes.

looking for ways to happen the time? many trains room equipped through Wi-Fi, which way you deserve to stream music, browse society media or gain some occupational done throughout your ride. That said, in situation your train has a spotty signal, or is amongst the couple of without Wi-Fi, we also recommend downloading and install TV shows and movies to her mobile maker in breakthrough of your trip. That means the ride will fly by every little thing the Wi-Fi situation.