Tennessee is a cool state to visit, and also it’s difficult to pick just one or two locations when you’re heading over there on a road trip. Rather of settling on Nashville or Memphis alone and lacking out ~ above the remainder of the great state, think about driving about the state to some of the ideal locations it has to offer. A mix of history, country music, Americana, and the great outdoors renders for the perfect solo, romantic, or family vacation.

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The good Smoky Mountains

This beautiful mountain range borders both Tennessee and North Carolina and is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the U.S. Diverse flora and fauna make the great Smoky hills National Park a wonderful ar to visit no issue the season. The an excellent Smoky mountains National Park is more visited than any other nationwide park in the joined States; check out Cades Cove for some beautiful historical homes, or drive her INFINITI with one of five auto tours.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

The indigenous hermitage shows a location where a hermit lives, which most likely conjures increase mental photos of unfriendly tiny dwellings that are virtually inaccessible come people. Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, however, is a beautiful mansion ~ above the suburbs of Nashville.

The mansion serves as a museum and as a sort of tribute to Andrew Jackson. Visit it come learn an ext about the man called “the people’s president” and to view the beautiful grounds. The museum also hosts occasions every week, ranging from the historical to the literary and beyond.

Pigeon Forge and also Gatlinburg

These two communities sit next to each other, and they market a lot of family friendly activities. Driving your INFINITI between the two is a snap if you desire to visit both in one day, or you deserve to stay the night in a number of hotels in one town and also head to the adjacent town the following morning. Inspect out a haunted house or a theater present — or even go bungee jumping. ~ spending time in the good Smoky Mountains, a drive under to one or both of these towns is the perfect method to round out your vacation.


Country pan visiting Pigeon forge should take it a drive over to Dollywood, an amusement park located in the mountain foothills. Dollywood, i beg your pardon was called for Dolly Parton, is a an excellent stop because that families since many the the rides and also attractions cater come children. It’s additionally a good way for world from out of state to endure a little bit much more country 보다 they get at home.

Jack Daniel’s Distillery

The Jack Daniel’s Distillery is in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and also it’s a can’t miss out on for civilization 21 and over that love whiskey and history. Jack Daniel’s whiskey party have come to be collectors’ items end the years, and the brand’s long background contains a few mysteries and also oddities, which add to the funny of visiting the distillery. Children can tour the distillery, too, but they clearly can’t drink.

Tours occur every day between 9 a.m. And 4:30 p.m., and once you’ve done that, take it a drive about Moore County, Tennessee’s smallest county.


Lookout Mountain

From Chattanooga, drive approximately Lookout mountain for a panoramic see of the bordering landscape. Lookout hill boasts part truly spectacular scenery; on a clean day, the see seem to go forever. Just a journey up Lookout mountain is a scenic wonder in and of itself.

While you’re there, you deserve to visit Ruby Falls, i beg your pardon is the deepest secret cave and waterfall in the U.S. The is obtainable to the public. Take a journey on the Incline Railway, the steepest passenger railway in the world. If you drive up the mountain, however, you’ll need to ride the railway twice, due to the fact that it bring away you every the means down into Chattanooga.



No list of Tennessee attractions is finish without a Graceland mention, and also you need to go even if you’re not a details Elvis fan. It’s Tennessee’s most well-known tourist attraction for good reason, because it celebrates one of the world’s most legendary musicians and is complete of attractive Americana.

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Elvis Presley’s mansion itself is a museum, whereby you obtain a deep look right into his Memphis life. Various other museums and also exhibits are accessible on the grounds as well, and once you’re done in Graceland, girlfriend can examine out some an excellent music in Memphis.A great set of wheel is crucial for a Tennessee road trip, particularly if you arrangement on driving v the mountains. Make certain your INFINITI is in peak shape prior to heading out for your vacation.