WELCOME TO fort GORDONcivicpride-kusatsu.net of the Cyber center of Excellence


HistoryFort Gordon, formerly known as Camp Gordon, is a united States civicpride-kusatsu.net installation developed in 1917. That is the current civicpride-kusatsu.net that the unified States military Signal Corps and Cyber center of Excellence and was as soon as the civicpride-kusatsu.net of The Provost Marshal general School. The fort is situated next to Augusta, Georgia come the southwest of the city. The main component of the post is the advanced Individual Training because that Signal Corps armed forces occupational specialties. In 1966–68 the civicpride-kusatsu.net's Signal Officer Candidate school (located at ft Monmouth during people War II and also the oriental War) i graduated over 2,200 Signal officers. Signal Intelligence has actually become more visible and also comprises much more and an ext of the fort's duties. In in march 2014, fort Gordon was designated together the U.S. civicpride-kusatsu.net Cyber center of Excellence.

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PopulationFort Gordon has about 16,000 service members (including energetic duty, national guard and also reserve) and also another 9,000 civilian employees. The installation support a populace of around 80,000, including military Families, contractors, retirees and also others.

SizeFort Gordon includes 55,596 acres. The surroundings is an essential to company member readiness, allowing troops come maneuver in more than 49 maintain areas, fire at more than 11 arrays or shoot artillery, mortars and also other munitions right into multiple affect areas.

DirectionsFort Gordon deserve to be got to from interstate 20, ~ above the west edge of Augusta, Ga. Jimmie Dyess Parkway (Interstate 20, exit 194) leader you directly to fort Gordon’s key entrance because that DOD ID card holders and those with authorized fort Gordon access Credentials/documents. . Or take the Bobby Jones Expressway (Interstate 520, leave 196) then drive east on federal government 520 to leave 4 onto Highway 278 (Gordon Highway/Fort Gordon exit). These exits will certainly lead girlfriend onto ft Gordon through the McKenna door (Gate 1 - key Gate) for DOD ID map holders and also those with authorized ft Gordon accessibility Credentials/documentsonly . Fort Gordon is roughly 140 miles eastern of Atlanta, 80 miles southwest that Columbia, S.C., and 122 mile northwest of Savannah, Ga. Located about eight miles southwest the Augusta, fort Gordon is close come the Augusta metropolitan area and basic drive to Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, the beaches follow me the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains. For a map and extr directions, visit our directions page.

Installation Access

All DoD personnel entering the environment must present a precious DoD ID map to the guard at the access control point. When the automated Installation entrance (AIE) system is active, DoD cardholders have to swipe your ID map at the AIE pedestal. DoD personnel who space not registered through AIE deserve to swipe your card and also will be immediately registered at the AIE pedestal.

DoD personnel who room not in possession of their DoD id Card, can accessibility the installation by either of the following;

1. DoD ID card holders that have actually registered the card with the AIE system, have the right to be verified with another kind of identification; DL, Passport or state ID.

2. The id card can be ceded to the DoD person at the VCC.

3. A DoD ID card holder can vouch for the human not in possession of your card; NCOs COs have to be of same of higher rank, E-4 and below should be vouched for by an NCO. Household members can be confirmed by the SM only.

4. If no of the over is applicable or feasible, the person will be vetted onto the environment by undergoing a lift check.

All non-DoD personnel 18 year of age and older requesting accessibility to fort Gordon are required to obtain a favorable NCIC elevator check and also a visitor’s happen at gate 6 off Gordon Highway. Upon arrival at the visitor Control facility (VCC), the driver and all passengers 18 year of age and older must existing the VCC staff with a valid driver’s patent or state ID.

If you are arriving for a graduation or various other event, arrangement to arrive very early, together the procedure for running background checks and also issuing passes have the right to take much much longer than expected.

The call numbers for the visitant Control center at the key gate space (706) 791-3071. For an ext information, visit ourGate Informationpage.


All privately owned firearms, pellet guns, BB guns, bows, and also crossbows stored on the installation should be registered v the armed forces police within 3 working work of come or of obtaining the firearm or weapon.

Privately owned firearms may be carried onto fort Gordon only for hunting, dog training, using shooting ranges, and participating in shoot or marksmanship events. Weapons must it is in registered with the military police making use of FG kind 9243-R-E.Complete details on registration, transportation, and also use of firearms is available in FG Regulation 210-13, which is available along through the an individual Firearms and Weapons it is registered Form.

Hours of Operation:

VISITOR CONTROL center (VCC) HOURS:Gate 6 Visitor regulate Center:Monday - Friday: 6 a.m. - 5 p.m.Saturday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.Closed on Sundays

***Gate 1 might only be used by DOD ID card holders and those through authorized ft Gordon access Credentials/documents. ***

Gate 3 VCC (commercial gate)Gate 3 advertisement VCC hours will it is in from 6 a.m. - 1 p.m.; after 1 p.m., all commercial traffic will go thru gate 1 because that inspection.

*No POV traffic is permitted thru door 3


(Gate hours have been curtailed because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Notice of gate hours will be published accordingly.)

Gate 1 (McKenna Gate) (Gordon Highway at Jimmie Dyess Parkway):24 hours dailyGate 2(Gordon Highway at Robinson Avenue):CLOSED together of Friday 21 OCtober 2021 in ~ 8 p.m.Gate 3(Gordon Highway, used mostly for advertising traffic):CLOSED as of Friday 21 October 2021 at 8 p.m.

*Commercial website traffic Inbound/Outbound must now usage Gate 6• door 5(Tobacco Road): 4:45 a.m. - 8p.m. Daily.

(Gate hours are topic to adjust at any time because of operational requirements, commonwealth holidays and Force security Conditions.)

Real identifier Act

The actual ID action is a federal plan which creates minimum protection standards for patent issuance and also production and prohibits commonwealth agencies from agree for certain purposes driver’s licenses and also identification cards from says not conference the Act’s minimum standards. The purposes covered by the plot are: accessing commonwealth facilities, beginning nuclear strength plants, and, boarding federally regulated advertising aircraft. If her state is out of compliance with real ID, you might be compelled to show additional forms the identification prior to being granted access to ft Gordon.

Fort Gordon visitorswithout-of-state driver's licensescanviewtheir state'scurrent compliance standing at: https://www.dhs.gov/real-id.


In accordance with the military Safety Program, AR 385-10, CH 11-9, every riders entering ft Gordon should be correctly licensed and wear the required an individual Protective equipment to operate a motorcycle ~ above post. PPE is composed of department of transport approved Helmet, eye protection, foot protection, lengthy sleeve shirt or jacket, lengthy pants, full fingered gloves/mittens.

Additionally, IAW AR 385-10, CH 11-7a(5), Motorcycle operators must successfully finish all required motorcycle training. Motorcycle safety training is composed of The MSF approved simple Riders course (BRC) complied with by knowledgeable Riders food (ERC) or civicpride-kusatsu.net Sport bike Riders food (MSRC). Because that questions concerning these requirements, please refer to the AR 385-10 or contact your security office.

No Drone Zone

DoD Unmanned Aerial device / Drone Policy:

All unmanned aircraft the can attain sustained flight to include, however not limited to, remote managed aircraft, helicopters, quadcopters, drones, and also model rockets room prohibited on the installation IAW DoD policy.


For the purpose of accessing fort Gordon, vehicles offered for a advertisement purpose, such as building and construction / job trucks, vans not designed because that passengers, relocating vehicles, semi-trucks, FEDEX, agricultural vehicles (hay lease), etc. Are compelled to use eastern 13th Avenuefor extr vehicle screening. Vehicles usingthese ACPs must already have one installation happen or installation badge. Commercial and also oversized vehicles may go into through Henry door on Sunday or during hours the commercial auto gates room closed.

Vehicles that room designed to transport passengers, including: passenger vans, commercial busses, etc., can access Fort Gordonthrough any kind of of the gateways with appropriate identification.

For the purpose of accessing ft Gordon, one oversized automobile is not tied to load or dimensions. Vehicles or combine of vehicles the may have actually a problem coming through an ordinary gate would be forced to go v a advertising gates.

All commercial and oversized vehicles will be inspected and also logged. Invoice of lading or invoice should contain an address on the installation. All inhabitants must it is in vetted or have actually a DoD identifier card. Retirees or dependents operation a commercial vehicle must own an installation happen or badge.

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For more information top top what qualifies as a commercial vehicle and what is a passenger vehicle, please speak to (706) 791-9131 / 3071.