If you are new to paintball gun or simply someone who is worn down of wasting her shots each time friend shoot since you’re paintball total is unable to happen the 120 feet mark, if it is you then this is the right place for you.

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It’s constantly best to invest in a long variety paintball gun since you will have a far better chance of hitting your enemies at a details distance. Shoot and lacking your opponents each time girlfriend fire have the right to be frustrating due to the fact that your ammo is being wasted.

With that being said, we highly recommend acquiring yourself a long selection paintball gun not just to save ammo but also to eliminate your opponents while they space at a far distance without even giving up your location.

In this guide, we have listed some of the finest long variety paintball gun accessible on the sector today. These guns are obtainable in a selection of styles, including semi-auto, milsim, and also bolt action.

Some the the ideal features come look for when trying to find the best long range marker for your requirements are the accuracy, noise level, reliability, and ergonomics. You also want your gun to it is in comfortable to usage especially throughout long games.

So without more ado, let’s begin.

In a hurry?

If girlfriend don’t have actually much time use the links listed below to quickly discover the finest long range paintball pistol on Amazon. You deserve to be assured us only pick the best products.

Best Long selection – Tippmann TMC MAGFED 

Great value – Tippmann united state Army

Table of Contents

1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball mite – ideal Long variety Gun2. Tippmann US army Alpha black Elite Tactical Paintball total – an excellent Value because that The Money3. Tippmann Cronus Paintball marker Gun – very Popular4. Tippmann X7 Phenom testimonial – High finish Performance5. Realm Paintball Sniper Pump marker – very PowerfulShooting Range

Best Long variety Paintball Gun

There are numerous paintball sniper rifles accessible on the market, but not every one of them have actually the capability to shooting well. When trying to find a solid sniper rifle, you need a gun that’s consistent, reliable, powerful and accurate.

Here are few of my favorites the will help to take the end your targets prior to they even see you.

Paintball guns RatingsPrice
Tippmann TMCBest Long selection Check Price
Tippmann US military Great worth Check Price
Tippmann Cronus Very popular Check Price
Tippmann X7 Phenom High end Performance Check Price
Empire Paintball Sniper Extremely an effective Check Price

1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball mite – ideal Long variety Gun

View ~ above Amazon

This is taken into consideration to be one of the best long selection marker top top the industry for the money. This paintball gun attributes a sturdy build made the high-quality products that permit it to tolerate difficult conditions and also rough handling.

With this marker, you’ll have the capability to crawl, role down, or also fall there is no breaking the pistol in any means or interfere through its performance. It likewise has a firm and also comfortable grip which ensures the the pistol holds steady in hands even during intense battles.

We in reality taught that the magfed would be on the heavier yet that’s no the case, you’ll in reality be surprised with just how light this gun is compared to various other markers out there.

The TMC MAGFED has a four-sided Picatinny rail device that gives you with the chance to do many customization and also an agile inbuilt bolt system. This way if you desire a more powerful total overtime, girlfriend can quickly have your wish granted.

If you ever used a Tippmann in the past before then girlfriend should have actually a pretty an excellent idea of how well lock operate. This exceptional marker makes use of a blowback style bolt that features at tank pressure; this means that the TMC right now runs at around 750 PSI. Since it operation at high pressure, this total is considered to be fairly loud and has a slight absent to it.

The just downside that comes through this marker is the truth that the CO2 tank keeps on getting loose and leaking. This is something the you don’t desire to experience throughout an extreme battle.

This paintball gun is reasonably easy to use. After ~ a couple of days the practicing you have to be taking care of it choose a pro. The TMC newspaper comes v a 19 ball capacity. This method you have 38 paintballs to critical you lengthy on the battlefield. The twin feed alternative also collection this marker apart indigenous its competitors.


Dual feeding optionCan be easily customized thanks to the rail device providedFront and also rear sights are adjustableThe inner components are the exact same as the Tippmann 98Easy to traction the trigger


No very first strike compatible


2. Tippmann US military Alpha black Elite Tactical Paintball total – great Value because that The Money

View ~ above Amazon

This paintball mite is certainly in a course of its own as that is considered to be most beginners and progressed player’s favorite choice. That also good for all species of games; entertain paintball and woodsball paintball.

This deluxe gun comes v a removable front sight, a removable M-16 format shroud through a lower Picatinny rail, a removable carry handle, a newspaper with constructed in tool storage and a six position collapsible stock.

You can quickly turn this marker right into a beast in the field by just using a couple of accessories such together electronic an answer trigger, semi-automatic e-grip, and also a cyclone feeding system. The reliability and also performance of this gun are on another level, however it is just one of the many affordable mite available.

With this marker, friend have everything you have to start shooting ideal away. It even has the Tippmann 98 threaded barrel, i m sorry is 12 inch long. In regards to durability, this gun can go v the most challenging battles and still come the end in one piece. If the hopper is located on the height of the gun, that is well structured and does not acquire in the way of the sight.

The Tippmann US army is designed to give you an ext of a tactical army feel and I can guarantee the it won’t disappoint you. This marker provides a hopper, which provides you the opportunity to usage several modes of shooting: semi-auto, madness fire, three round burst, and two full auto modes.

The US military is capable of firing approximately a range of 150 feet which is impressive even though the not fairly as fas as other long selection paintball weapons that we have actually reviewed. The velocity can additionally reach approximately 325 feet every second, yet this velocity is not acceptable in most paintball fields.

In order come get much better shots, you can easily adjust the stock of the gun allowing it to give you a much better angle.


Picatinny rails enable for customizationSights space removableComes v a reputable Tippmann 98 threaded barrelHas a high velocityAll aluminum die actors receiver


Tends to get heavier when fully customized


3. Tippmann Cronus Paintball mite Gun – really Popular

View on Amazon

Another superb high quality paintball total on our list is the Tippmann Cronus Paintball mite Gun. The Cronus is famed in the paintball community and also is well-known to be among the best sellers in the Tippmann line up.

If girlfriend look very closely you’ll notification that this marker is an actual upgrade of the Tippmann 98 and also it’s ideal suited because that both beginners and also intermediate players. It’s an extremely reliable and easy come use, while in ~ the sametime being extremely accurate.

The Cronus functions an internal gas line and Tippmann’s height rated in heat bolt system. With the line being inside of the gun instead of outside, users deserve to expect a far better grip and also comfortable experience specifically if you room planning on play for hours. It even has a high fire rate and also does no chop balls as soon as playing.

It’s likewise a little bit heavier than most expensive guns, yet it is an extremely durable, so you don’t need to worry around it breaking while you’re on the playground. The Cronus is qualified of the standard 280 come 300 feet per second shooting speed. You can use either CO2 or HPA, to acquire the fire strength you constantly wanted.

The mite comes v a mock silencer v a front sight, six position collapsible and folding stock, upright grips and also a carry handle. The total can additionally be conveniently maintained, the just thing you have to do ~ above a regular basis is oil it before battling.

This marker comes through a effective variety of 150 feet, which is a little on the reduced end contrasted to various other long range rifles, however still pretty kind considering its price.


Lightweight only weighing around 3.7 lbsThe in-line system stays clear of ball choppingA good choice for beginners and also intermediate playersEasy come operateThe price is really affordableIt has a Picatinny rail, so girlfriend can include accessoriesHigh speed paintball marker


A little bit on the more heavier sideThe stock barrel walk not have actually a good range


4. Tippmann X7 Phenom review – High finish Performance

View on Amazon

The Tippmann X7 Phenom is a low price paintball gun however is recognized to be quite powerful having the capacity to hit targets as much as 150 feet away. This paintball gun is personal of the modern markers, it has actually a military style design, that can be easily customized to countless different looks base on your personal preference.

With this marker comes three-position an option switch that enables you to change its operation from electronic to manual and also the FlexValve technology helps to alleviate the coil and improves its air efficiency, through simply enabling it to operate under 300 PSI.

This is without a doubt among the most reliable paintball pistol on the industry today. That is aluminum body enables the marker to be extremely solid and lightweight at the exact same time. This will carry out you v the chance to usage the pistol in unstable weather problems without break it apart. Most civilization who owns this marker is really pleased with its durability.

As stated earlier, another major bonus come this gun is the high efficiency. Having actually the ability to save air is an extremely important throughout intense battle since friend will be able to outshoot your enemies while playing. Accuracy of this pistol is additionally on another level permitting you to hit targets with less effort.

The gun is nice lightweight only weighing around 3.5 lbs which renders it simple to bring the gun. This will permit you to add accessories without having actually to worry around being slowed down. Together you may understand by now, load of the gun plays a huge role and having actually a gun the is too hefty will certainly take far the funny of the game.

A many players evaluate the reality of exactly how quiet this marker yes, really is and also this is due to its low operation pressure. Taking out your opponents on the ar should be basic with this marker and also you don’t have to worry around alarming the remainder of the team.

It’s simple to perform any maintenance that arises there is no the require of any type of tools. The X7 Phenom requires much much less maintenance and is easier to clean than other markers. This is why us think this marker would be a an excellent purchase because that those looking come buy a long range paintball gun.


Has 5 various firing modesCan be easily customizedLightweight only weighs 3.5 lbsEasy come use and maintenance is simpleComes at a really affordable priceExtremely sturdyLittle to no recoil


Short share barrel


5. Empire Paintball Sniper Pump marker – extremely Powerful

View on Amazon

Now, this is what you speak to a real tournament level sniper paintball gun. V this superb high quality gun you will definitely get a high end performance ~ above the battlefield. As you can see, the empire Sniper is a pump format paintball mite that features on low pressure.

When it involves performance, the empire Sniper grips has a molded wrap approximately them for included comfort. It feels really good in your hands while you shoot. Also, its shooting performance has tendency to stand the end in the paintball community. A lot of civilization are talking about this marker because it performs precisely like a victor.

In terms of efficiency, this pistol is at sight efficient and fires paintballs at a quick rate, fast sufficient to justification an electrical loader. We likewise love the fact that this pistol is exceptionally easy come use. In bespeak to gain the most of this marker, friend should constantly maintain it appropriately after each battle. All you need to do is disassemble it and also clean the bolts and also lube them.

The overall style of the realm Sniper is aluminum with 14 inch barrel and three barrel inserts. Through that said, this marker functions an exceptional auto docker barrel threading, ten ring vertical feed cycle technology along with an auto cause that fires off fast shots. It even offers dual stainless steel pump the was do to carry out maximum security on the playing field.

As discussed above, the maintain of this beast is relatively simple, this marker is prepared to use right out that the box and requires little to no maintenance at all. However, like any kind of paintball pistol in order because that it to serve you for a long time, maintain plays a huge function and will determine the durability of the gun.

Weighing only 2 lbs, this paintball marker is known to be an extremely light and will provide you a great balance on the field. The party adapter that the sniper can easily be turn on/off and there is a bar to run it.

This paintball mite is considered to be a height pump model of the class, because of its accuracy and also super rapid speed. Through this, you’ll have actually the capability to shoot target up to 50 feet away accurately. Us strongly believe the empire Sniper is a good marker come invest in if you’re ready to take your video game to the following level.


Comes ready to use right out that the boxVery efficient and also has smooth shoot performanceGreat tournament paintball sniperExtremely quiet once firingAuto create featureSaves friend paintballs


Only have actually a few upgradesJust consists of a 3 item barrel kit


Best Long variety Paintball pistol – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a huge fan that paintball gun then it would certainly be come invest in a long range marker because having a brief or mid-range pistol will just waste her ammo especially if you room a newbie.

You need to take the moment out to check out our buying guide very closely in order to pick the mite that ideal suits her needs, girlfriend can’t just simply invest any marker the labeled long range, there space several determinants that come right into play. These components include:

Shooting Range

The shooting variety tends to play an essential role when it comes to choosing a paintball marker. Through that said, there room several factors that impact a paintball gun shooting range, these components include the shooting speed, barrel length, and also the weather condition.

Using a paintball gun the has great firepower need to be enough to get over aerodynamic drag on the ball providing it the capacity to walk at a much longer distance.

There are three points that determine the shooting distance of a paintball gun, they are safe range, reliable range, and also absolute range.

Effective Range

The an initial thing friend will have to keep in mental is the reliable range. This is not necessarily how much the round travels after gift released from the barrel, but how much it have the right to go and still break against it targets.

Depending on the street you are from your opponent, sometimes a paintball doesn’t rest on your opponent because of the absence of force, this occasionally results in a miss.The median effective range for a paintball mite is between 80 to 100 feet.

Safe Range

The next problem is the safe range. In enhancement to having enough power to make an impact on your target, the marker likewise needs to be calibrated so the they are still safe. If paintballs room fired in ~ a high speed, they can injure someone once they strike. The typical cap velocity is around 280 feet per second, causing a maximum selection of around 100 yards.

Absolute Range

Since it’s not possible for players themselves to know if they are shooting too rapid or not quick enough, that’s when you should look in ~ the absolute range.

The absolute range is taken into consideration to be a combination of the paintball’s durability and also velocity. The the furthest a long selection paintball marker deserve to shoot through these components is 150 yards.

Sights or Scopes?

If she a vast fan of sights, then we recommend making use of a steel sights. Us strongly believe that they are the finest for consistently exact shots.

With the said, there room lots of different scopes obtainable on the market. Utilizing a border is great for players who merely want to boost their all at once marksmanship.

As friend may already know, the maximum selection for a paintball is approximately 200 feet. Unfortunately, you deserve to expect this balls to drop when fired. What this means is the you will find it really hard to get a directly shot indigenous a distance.

In order to gain the finest results native a long selection paintball gun is come fire higher than her target. That being said, there room various varieties of scopes accessible if girlfriend want improve your marksmanship. If you space a beginner, red dot sights room the best option.

You can take the moment out and try scopes and sights in ~ the nearest paintball range. This method you will have a much better understanding and a less complicated time choosing. Make certain to obtain one the is compatible with your paintball gun.

Upgrade your Paintball Barrel

While you could not watch the factor to upgrade her stock barrel the comes through your marker, girlfriend should know that using a much longer barrel tends to offer you much better aim and make the much easier for you come hit her target.

The all at once length the a long variety barrel must be preferably 12 inches come 16 customs long. If your barrel size is much longer it will give too lot contact, which will ultimately reduce your effective range.

FAQ – frequently Asked Questions

Q. What wake up if your long-range total jams if playing?

You should keep in mind the while taking part in fight it’s constantly a opportunity that your paintball gun might jam or develop any other problem and there can be little to no time to stop and also fix that especially during a cook battle.

This is why it is always advisable to have actually a tiny side total that can be provided in nearby combat war while you try and resolve your major gun. The ideal markers because that close combat is the Spyder Victor paintball pistol or you have the right to simply usage the Tippmann TPX paintball pistol.

Q. What is the ideal long-range paintball gun?

Choosing the finest paintball marker because that your needs all depends on your taste and also preference. A the majority of paintball markers can be customized come shoot at lengthy range. So, that all depends on how much you room willing to invest to get the finest long-range marker.

Q. How do girlfriend shoot a paintball sniper rifle?

It counts on how much your target is far from you and also on whether the target is moving or stationary. If the a moving target, the maneuver will be means different. In ~ farther ranges, you will should constantly tweak because that drop the paintball an interpretation you will have actually aim the mite high at most times.

Q. Have the right to a paintball gun death you?

There space lots of human being wondering if it is possible for a paintball gun come kill. Together you must know, paintballs are not heavy sufficient to cause any type of serious injury to the body. Additionally, the firearms do no shoot fast sufficient to cause any kind of life threaten injuries.

To this day, there have been no reports the paintball death anyone. However, you will certainly feel a sting as soon as the round hits you especially in perceptible areas.

Q. How much can a paintball pistol shoot?

This is a an extremely common question and base on testing and research, majority of paintball weapons only shoot around 200 miles every hour or 280 feet per second.

Q. How countless paintballs right in the hopper?

The typical amount that paintballs in a hopper is 200. You need to keep in psychic that majority of the modern-day electro pneumatic mite are qualified of emptying a complete hopper in about 15 seconds.

Q. Can I minimize the amount of paintballs i use?

Yes absolutely! However, it has to do v the variety of players on the various other team. Another thing is the the number of paintball used will likewise be identified by her accuracy.

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The list is composed of several of the best long selection paintball guns easily accessible on the industry today. Picking the perfect paintball marker for her needs deserve to be a bit challenging which is why us have detailed a buying guide so the you deserve to have a better understanding of just how a long selection gun works.