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All living things require power in transferring out activities. The procedure by which energy is made easily accessible from nutrient of cells is called cellular respiration. Moving respiration is the regulated release of energy, in the type of ATP indigenous organic link in cells.Respiration happen under two conditions which is with the presence of oxygen and also without the presence of oxygen. If over there is visibility of oxygen, climate the process is called aerobic respiration. However, if over there is lack or absence of oxygen, climate it will refer as anaerobic respiration.Respiration involves enzyme that deserve to be impacted by the temperature. The price of the respiration boost with the boost in temperature until it get the optimum temperature. This is wherein the price of the respiration is the highest. More increase in temperature only lowered the activity of the enzyme together it starts to denature.

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Research Question:

How does the temperature influence the price of respiration?


Investigate the effect of warm towards the price of respiration of Mung beans.


The rate of respiration increases with the rise in temperature. This will proceed until the reaches 60oC wherein the rate of respiration is the highest.





Ways of controlling


Temperature of the solution with the mung beans300C,400C,500C and also 600C0CThe mung beans and the Bromcresol solution is placed inside water bath v temperature 300C until it get they reach the temperature. Then, the mung bean are put inside the Bromcresol solution. The experiment is then recurring replacing the temperature to be 400C, 500C and 600C.


Time taken for Bromcresol solution to adjust from violet to yellowish colour.

Minutes and seconds (mins:s)The time taken for the Bromcresol systems to change from purple to yellowish colour is measured utilizing a digital stopwatch and recorded because that every repeated experiment.

Controlled Variables


Ways of controlling

Possible results on result

Mass of mung beansg100g the mung bean is measure up using digital balance and is used in every repeated experiment.With the same variety of mung beans, comparison in between every recurring experiment have the right to be made easily as the amount of the mung beans is the exact same by managing its mass. If the massive is varied, the result will be difficult to compare with the other.Types of beans used

Mung bean is used for every repeated experiment.The same type of beans will certainly ensure the equality of each experiment and permit comparison the results obtained from the experiments. Different type of beans may respire with different rate and influence the result of the experiment.Volume of BromcresolDrops6 autumn of Bromcresol is added using a dropper in the ready of the indicator solution.Bromcresol is supplied to finding the visibility of carbon dioxide. Through the rise of variety of drops that bromcresol, the experiment will certainly take an ext time for the reaction to occur. 6 fall of bromcresol guarantee the experiment deserve to be completed in the offered time period.




a) Prepare the indicator solution

50ml of tap water was added into a beaker, and also then 6 fall of Bromocresol purple systems was added.The colour of the solution adjusted to purple.

b) Prepare the standard solution

10 ml that the indicator systems was moved from the beaker right into a test tube.Expiring gas is blown into the solution using a straw. The solution transforms colour from purple to greenish.This was used as conventional solution.

c) Conducting the experiment

The outer skin mung beans to be peeled and also the mung beans are put in a beaker. 100g of the beans is measured and also put in a test tube.10 ml of the indicator solution was added into the check tube. The test pipe containing mung beans is then put inside a water bath of 300C.The temperature the the test pipe is recorded and also maintained making use of a thermometer.Once in a while, the test pipe was shaken and also the time taken for the solution to change colour from violet to yellow as the standard solution was tape-recorded using a digital stopwatch.The experiment was recurring by transforming the temperature (400C, 500C and also 600C) respectively. The was managed that the temperature the the mung beans and the solution while in the water bathtub reaches the temperature required before adding both together.The time taken because that the colour to readjust for all different temperature is recorded suing a digital stopwatch.

Data collection:

Quantitative data:TemperatureoC ± 0.05oCTime taken for systems indicator to change to yellowish colour, minutes and seconds ±0.001seconds Qualitative data:InitialWhen the indicator solution is added into the test tube containing the mung beans, the colour of the equipment is purple.FinalAfter a few minutes, the colour of the solution alters from violet to yellow. In the room temperature, 30 oC, the test pipe feels warm.Table 1.2 – reflects The Qualitative data acquired by observation at initial and final result.

Data processing and also analysis

Changing the unit the minutes and also seconds right into seconds

For the ease of calculations, the unit the time is adjusted to seconds. To adjust the unit of minutes and seconds right into seconds we deserve to use the following formula:As an example, in attempt 1at 30oC, the time taken was 14:40 minutes. To change the unit right into seconds, the calculation is:(14×60) + 40 = 880 seconds.The calculations for other temperature room tabulated in the table below:TemperatureoC ± 0.05oCTime take away for systems indicator to change to yellowish colour, seconds ±0.001seconds 

Calculating the average time taken for each temperature.

Average time take away is calculate to find the average of the moment taken for the systems to change to yellow indigenous purple. The mean time taken because that each temperature is calculated by utilizing the following formula:As example of the calculations, the average time taken for the purple colour the indicator solution to revolve to irradiate yellow colour in ~ 30oC := 776 secondsTherefore, the average time taken for the purple colour the indicator to turn to yellow at 30oC is 776 seconds.TemperatureoC ± 0.05oCTime taken for solution indicator to change to yellowish colour, secs ±0.001seconds 

The apprehension of average time taken.

To calculate the hesitation for the average time taken, we have the right to use the formula of traditional deviation:sd= ;Where,sd= traditional Deviation∆= uncertaintymean= average time takenx= time takenn= number of trialAs an example, listed below is the calculation because that the experiment at temperature of 30oC whereby the typical time taken is 776.00:

Temperature oC




Rate that respiration

After obtaining the average time taken, us can easily calculate the rate of respiration the the beans. Rate of respiration is calculate by making use of the formula of:As an example, in ~ 30°C, the rate or respiration is:= 0.001289 s-1Therefore, the price of respiration at 30°C is 0.001289 s-1. Table below shows the calculation for the other values:TemperatureoC ± 0.05°CAverage time taken, seconds±0.001secondsUncertainty of average time taken, seconds. 

Uncertainty of price of respiration

The skepticism of the rate of respiration can be calculated after ~ obtaining the rate of respiration itself. To calculate the suspicion of rate of respiration, the formula is:∆R = x RWhere,R = price of time takent = time taken∆ = uncertaintyAt 30°C, the rate of respiration is 0.001289 s-1. The skepticism of price of respiration is calculation as instance below:∆R = x 0.001289= 0.0002804 s-1Therefore, the price of respiration in ~ 30°C is 0.001289 s-1 ±0.0002804 s-1 .The adhering to table shows the rate of respiration the the mung beans for every temperature:TemperatureoC ± 0.05°CAverage time taken, secondsUncertainty of typical time taken, seconds.Rate the respiration, s-1Uncertainty of price of respiration, s-1 Based ~ above table 2.6, the graph of price of respiration versus temperature deserve to be plotted.


Theoretically, the price of respiration boost when the temperature increase until that reaches optimum temperature. In ~ the optimum temperature, the price of respiration is at the highest. ~ that, the rate of respiration will drop due to the denatured of the enzyme the involve in respiration.But after the experiment is done, the results obtained shows that the price of respiration keeps raising till 60oC. We deserve to say based upon our experiment, the optimum temperature for the respiration that mung bean is more than 60oC.The error is too little to be presented on the graph. This is due to the fact that less error is being put in doing the experiment and also safety precaution is taken.The price of respiration increases as the temperature rises until the reaches optimum temperature. Enzyme works successfully at greater temperature due to the fact that high power is required for the enzyme undergoes the effective collision through the substrate frequently.The Bromcresol solution role is to identify the presence of carbon dioxide gas in the air. If there is carbon dioxide gas, it will readjust colour native dark brown to yellow. So, time taken for the equipment to adjust colour deserve to be used up to measure the price of respiration.

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Limitations and suggestions

 1. It is daunting to keep the temperature that the test tube in 60°C as there is no digital water bathtub is available.Suggestion: The water because that 60°C have to be included so the it is easier for the college student to keep the experiment in ~ 60°C quite than having actually their own water bath using Bunsen burner and beaker.2. The exposure the the bromcresol systems to the bordering may influence its reliability as one indicator. Some carbon dioxide gas from person respiration will impact the colour of the indicator.Suggestion: The test tube that consists of the bromcresol solution need to be close up door by using rubber stopper at all times.3. The intake of distilled water in prepare the indicator equipment is not suitable as the systems will it is in yellow when included with bromcresol.Suggestion: Students have to be conscious of different instances of various solution and also advised to use tap water in similar upcoming experiments


The price of respiration increases with the increase in temperature. This will proceed until the reaches 60oC wherein the price of respiration is the highest. From this experiment, the optimum temperature that the respiration of the mung bean is 60oC. Theory is accepted.